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ACE 1.09 Released

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  • ACE 1.09 Released



    important Additions / Changes:

    * Fixed CTD's caused by disposable systems


    Tue May 26 16:06:53 +0200 2009

    * @ACE, Revision: d6106f91c1565e057b73c3d3b34c86fbd28ba75c - 7745b303e3420784c6ae1fefa751c500d288539a
    o ADDED:
    + 3d craters (only for bomb explosions) [Rocko]
    + Fancy ejection effects [Zguba]
    o CHANGED:
    + A bit more powerful M249 and M240 fire sounds [Tpm]
    + Ace tag is now represented by "" to shorten class names in Editor tabs [Rocko]
    + Added support for HIND tailrotor to ace_sys_tailrotor, should fix instant killing oneself when running IN FRONT of aircraft. Refs #1466 [Rocko]
    + Adjusted reverbs on weapon fire sounds [Tpm]
    + Bipods for RPK74s [Rocko]
    + Fixed round parachute fold animation, now similar to BIS square one, Refs #1412 [Rocko]
    + Flares packable now [Rocko]
    + Grenade starts in the center of the screen in 'precise mode', to further improve control [Q1184]
    + Lowered earring and flash ranges for softlaunched missiles [Rocko]
    + Mi-24V uses 2 types of rockets, Mi-24P has more Spirals but manual guidance limits have been revised. Phalanga and Kokon are easier to handle. Ref #1429. Fixes #1502 [Zguba]
    + Reintroduced free aim zone from 1.07, probably [Rocko]
    + Resistance side insurgents using Iraq insurgents models [Zguba]
    o FIXED:
    + Ace_sys_disposal - occasional CTDs on AI shooting disposable launchers, caused by autoReload = 1 [Zguba]
    + Ace_sys_disposal related CTD. Fixes #1458 [Zguba]
    + Ace_sys_engine - sound is played additionally when inside vehicle. Fixes #1411 [Zguba]
    + Error message when firing HuntIR round [Rocko]
    + Hk 416/417 SD versions light up too much [Rocko]
    + Incorrect magazine calibre used for AS50 Sniper rifle Fixes #1414 [Squelch]
    + Ir Flare designation [Rocko]
    + Missing M168 modes [Zguba]
    + Smaw & CG autoreload, fixes #1415 [Rocko]
    + Smaw muzzles. Fixes #1415 [Zguba]
    + Smaw weightless, fixes #1420 [Rocko]
    + Stationary tailrotor killing bug [Rocko]
    + Wrong models for russian army rpg soldier and ammo bearer [Rocko]

    Related issues

    * Bug #527: Failure of AI to engage in a human controlled vehicle
    * Bug #1284: CH47D Sound too weak.
    * Bug #1411: Engine start sounds not audible
    * Bug #1412: MC-5 chute / ejection seat
    * Bug #1414: AS50 magazine calibre
    * Bug #1415: Mk153 Mod0 SMAW instant reload
    * Bug #1420: SMAW launcher is weightless + missing reload animation.
    * Bug #1438: Localization of ACE mod in Russian
    * Bug #1446: sound of M249 and M240
    * Bug #1458: Disposable M136 AI crash
    * Bug #1459: Some Russian Army units use BIS models
    * Bug #1465: Dragon range
    * Bug #1466: Hind D bug
    * Bug #1467: RPG-29
    * Bug #1469: HK417 SDs have unsupressed muzzleflashes
    * Bug #1490: Ace_Sys_Engine - Error unexpected )
    * Bug #1499: Problems with other AT weapons since disposable
    * Bug #1502: Hind gunner optics are worthless and unusable
    * Bug #1503: Hind gunner turret turning angles too small
    * Bug #1513: RPK7M's bipods non-functional
    * Bug #1518: Killed by stationary tail rotor
    * Bug #1536: ACE_SoldierEAR has AK74, not RPK74
    * Bug #1539: Free-Aim zone limited in 1.08
    * Bug #1540: M203 IR/ HuntIR/ Sandbags
    * Bug #1548: Flarguns Flares cant be packed
    * Feature #1252: Localization of ACE MOD in Italian
    * Feature #1264: Use to represent ACE for ingame text
    * Feature #1363: 3d Crater Models
    * Task #510: Localization of ACE MOD in Polish
    * Task #1437: Cobra-like gunner optics for Mi-24D/V
    A lot of fixes and a few cool new features! :D

    Playername Sparks444 in BF2

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    Re: ACE 1.09 Released

    Sparks you sneaky ninja you beat me to it :P
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      Re: ACE 1.09 Released

      I cant wait to see the 3D craters, Imagine the cover capabilities it will give after artillery etc. Unfortunately they probably wont make craters go below ground, because of engine limitations.

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        Re: ACE 1.09 Released

        Link is up:

        ACE v 1.09 (Update)

        PLEASE NOTE: Servers are updated and running 1.09 ACE now.


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          Re: ACE 1.09 Released

          Look mum, I made craters!

          Unfortunately they wont stop bullets, and if you look really close, they are partly transparent.

          Last edited by sparks50; 05-26-2009, 04:17 PM.

          Playername Sparks444 in BF2


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            Re: ACE 1.09 Released

            what an add let down the craters aren't looking half decent except from a distance and are useless as cover. if there useless as cover and are aesthetically horrible then whats the point? and i just realized this could cause havoc for the ending of one of my ission where your bombed by harriers.
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              Re: ACE 1.09 Released

              Ouch those craters look horrible, Im sure the ACE team could have spent their time on something a little more important :).
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                Re: ACE 1.09 Released

                Looks like a nice patch. A pity with the craters not being bullet proof though. Let's just hope AI can't see through them. As long as that doesn't happen I suppose they are _okay_




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