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New to this kind of gaming.

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  • New to this kind of gaming.


    As you may have noticed this is my first post,yes.. another newb hehe.
    Been playing games occasionally once and a while..CoD's CSS but wanted to do something more realistic do things I practice each and every feel the realism.My squad sergeant hooked me up with this "Arma 2".. he said i was going to like it from the first minute,once again he was right.I am totally hooked on this game.

    So please if you want to get in touch with me online,to play some Arma2 or just to talk about military stuff ect,feel free to contact me here or on my Xfire ("clbn").
    Hopefully i'll see alot of you guys on the battlefield.

    PS:Military personel are MORE than welcome to pm me.I'm always looking to learn more about other countries/military.

    take care

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    Re: New to this kind of gaming.

    Hey there!
    First and foremost, welcome to the TacticalGamer community.

    Before jumping ingame, there is a few things you need to know. First of all, make sure you have read and understand our Server Rules and SOPs.

    Feel free to visit our section of the forums, which can be found just right here. This is where you will find all the other information you need to enjoy your time on our servers. Dont be shy to introduce yourself and post any questions or concerns you might have. We have a good bunch of dedicated folks over there willing to help out newcomers just like you. There is nothing wrong in asking for help. Get to know the guys and let them have the chance to know you.

    Talking about questions or concerns. If you encounter a problem, here on the forums or ingame, and you think it might be worth noticing the admin team, just report it in the appropriate Contact an Admin forums.

    We have our own TeamSpeak server, and we strongly recommend players to be on during their game time (especially when it comes down to organized games/events) or simply to have a chat with the other folks. To get access to our TeamSpeak server just follow the instructions in the TeamSpeak section of the website.

    Information to both of our ArmA servers can be found in the channel description of the "ArmA: Armed Assault" channel on the TeamSpeak server. Feel free to log on and hook up with the other players.

    Armed Assault server ALPHA:

    Armed Assault server BRAVO:

    Thanks for showing interest in the community. Hopefully, you will call this place your new home soon enough, just like so many of us did. If you have any questions, feel free to ask here, post in the Armed Assault forums, ask on the TeamSpeak server or just send me a PM here on the forums, I will be glad to help you out.

    The ArmA 1 forums are pretty much useless now since we're all using the ArmA 2 forums now.

    ArmA 1/2 is one of these games that needs lots of time to get the hang on. So dont be affraid in trying out new things even if you're a new guy. It all comes to on a trial and error basis. Your best bet is hanging out with some seasoned veterans and regular players. There is always place for new people here and we're more than welcome to teach you some of the stuff we all do best.

    See you in the servers and game on!

    22nd Rapid Reaction Regiment

    -- I always wanted TG to be different than anyone else out there. We need to be unique in what we offer and how we play, if not we are simply competing with everyone else. --
    The BigC


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      Re: New to this kind of gaming.

      You will both love and hate this game. There are many good features about it. It is hands down the most realistic game on the market for modern infantry combat. However, it does have its problems and mission editors are all amateurs, so mission quality can vary. Just stick with it and it will be more rewarding as time goes on, as you get more familiar, as more missions come out, and as game bugs are fixed. Be sure to play on the TacticalGamer servers. (filter search "tacticalgamer" in MP mission browser). Passwords are listed in the ArmA teampeak channel descriptions.

      Also, being in the military, you should consider submitting ideas for missions in our ArmA mission editing forum. Or you could hook up with some of our designers and provide kinda like a quality control for realism.

      You have seen actual maps, written orders, and you've experienced the military way, so to say, so you could provide invaluable insight for constructing more realistic scenarios. Private message me if your interested. I'm head of the ArmA mission development team currently.
      Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity. - General George S. Patton.




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