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    WARNING: This mission is one of many that is part of the single player campaign. If you don't want it ruined for you then DON'T WATCH THIS VIDEO!


    Like I said, this is one of the first sniper missions your given in the campaign, and it was pretty fun and cool to play.

    Please be advised, that I don't really suck that bad, OK...maybe I do, but it still ain't easy to shoot a sniper rifle when your recording fraps at a framerate of around 20! lol

    I purposely tried to shoot in the area first to get them prone, then to pick them off... hey I still succeeded. ;)

    BTW: I know the first 4 single missions aren't too great, nor the ones you have to unlock frankly... but try the campaign, at least to unlock more missions that are really well done.

    (also, if you don't want to play the campaign, you can unlock all the missions in the campaign by holding shift then your num pad minus key at the campaign mission list screen, then simply type in campaign, you can also unlock the single player missions by doing the same thing except for typing missions in the mission list... but some may consider that cheating, I don't, Armed Assault ain't no damn console game, I shouldn't have to unlock missions. IMO.)
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    Re: ArmA Sniper

    I noticed that you do not utilize rightclick breathe control/Zoom(holding right mouse button while in zoom). Is this on purpose or did I simply miss it?
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      Re: ArmA Sniper

      That is one of the greatest improvements of this game, is the zoom on most optics. Thanks for the insight Magnum, I know who my next grenadier on my team will be!
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        Re: ArmA Sniper

        I cannot complete this mission.

        The weapon is just not precise enough.
        I get on te tower, lay down, right click to go into the zoom mode, the I aim, hold the right mouse button to zoom further and shoot.
        But the bullets go anywhere sometimes 3 meters away from the point I aimed at.

        So by the time they start fireing at me, I managed to shott down barerly one of them.

        What am I doing wrong?


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          Re: ArmA Sniper

          Welcome to TG Yourmum10. Glad to have you aboard. Be sure to read the server rules etc that are found in the stickies in the general ArmA forum.

          This game is very realistic and mirrors actual ballistics. They won't hit where you aim because of bullet drop and windage. Keep trying and fiddling around with your aiming. You will get it soon enough.

          Be sure to come join us on our regular Sunday Night sessions at the TG Armed Assault server. Ability level doesn't count for much but a willingness to work together as a team is a must. We'd be glad to have a new player on board and don't feel inimidated as we all started somewhere.
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            Re: ArmA Sniper

            Thank you for your help and greetings!

            I'll try that out immediately.
            (Then of course I will read the rules:icon_wink)


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              Re: ArmA Sniper

              Any chance that you can save the files as a .mpg instead of .wmv?





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