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COOP respawning? Need some help.

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  • COOP respawning? Need some help.

    I found this on the BI forums

    To have players respawn, change the "respawn=<parameter>" in the missions description.ext file

    But I can't find the "respawn=<parameter>" anywhere in my files, anyone know where to find it or add it?

    If I can figure this out I have a small 8 man coop mission ready for release then. But right now when you die you go right to the bird even with AI alive.

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    Re: COOP respawning? Need some help.


    I believe there is a description.ext file editor in that Chris's Script utility you posted about in an earlier thread...I've used it today. You can set up missions with respawn parameters..

    Good luck,



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      Re: COOP respawning? Need some help.

      Thanks Chappie. I'll give it a try later.


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        Re: COOP respawning? Need some help.

        Does this respawn parameter mean actual respawn or only taking ove an AI soldier?

        This game isnt going very far if people have to wait 45 minutes to retry simply because the enmy AI can see through a bush from 2000 meters better than we can.

        That demo co-op mission is absolutely impossible......hell it would take me 30 lives to clear out that many guys.


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          Re: COOP respawning? Need some help.

          You spawn back into friendly AI in your squad. We usually dont have a problem finishing missions in coop.


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            Re: COOP respawning? Need some help.

            Actually there are several types of respawns you can do. You can either respawn into your team, yourself, or as a desinated respawn point. Description.ext

            Originally posted by BI
            Respawn Options
            respawn = value;

            Value can be:

            0 or "NONE": No respawn.
            1 or "BIRD": Respawn as a seagull.
            2 or "INSTANT": Respawn just where you died.
            3 or "BASE": Is base respawn (at marker respawn_west, respawn_east, respawn_guerrila (sic!) or respawn_civilian).
            4 or "GROUP": Respawn in your group (if there's no AI left, you'll become a seagull).
            5 or "SIDE": Respawn on your side (if there's no AI left, you'll become a seagull) - planned, but was never implemented.


            Respawn delay is in seconds.
            If you use the "3" option, you MUST make a marker that says exactly "respawn_west" (or whatever side you are using).

            Here is a example of one I used:


            Basically, the above lines represent a respawn at "respawn_west" marker with AI turned on (disabledAI=1 turns all AI off), you can manually turn off AI at the lobby. The last option is the ammount of time before you respawn. You may not want to use a respawn point on smaller maps, they do not need unlimited respawns. But in more tof the epic battles you might want to include it, it sucks being a seagull for and hour and a half.
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