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    Hi all this is Callaghan from {GOL} clan. First post just wondering if I could upload my new coop to your servers, its not yet the 1.0 version as i need feedback but it is of a high quality and is very in depth, I have not played every custom mission but of the ones I have, this is the largest and most demanding. For these reasons it does require a mature style of play, I have done my best to make it noob-proof, adding vehicle respawn for certain vehicles after much pressure. As well as making pilots resistance so that they have a seperate respawn, this is a v long missions and WILL require the presence of Admin. Anyway come try it out on the {GOL} Clan Server and i'm sure the mission will do the talking. I would like to get all the major clans including 22nd SAS and 16AAB to try it and see who completes it with the best results. Anyway try it out and if you want it on your server contact me and I will release the 1.0 version for all. (btw it is designed for UK 1.4). I am currently working on a sequel which will be just as massive and even more difficult. Out

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    Re: CoOp ~30 Task Force

    Welcome, Callaghan, and thanks for posting. Our server is currently running ArmA v1.2, but once the v1.5 patch is released we'll update to that. In the meantime, if you want to post (or PM me) a link to your mission, I'd be happy to check it out.




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