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  • BAS f (mission development framework)

    Those of you willing to give mission creating a chance might want to take a look at this neat start-up kit from BAS.
    Download BAS f v0-0-23 Beta
    Original topic (BI forums)


    Ballistic Addon Studios (BAS) is pleased to announce the beta release of the BAS f multiplayer mission development framework for use by beginner and intermediate-level Armed Assault mission designers.

    BAS f is a mission development framework: an MP mission folder containing a library of scripts, functions and template files, plus a detailed manual. The framework provides the mission designer, after minimal additional configuration, with a selection of pre-tested features and functionality intended to improve the overall quality and re-playability of his/her mission. Since BAS f is a framework, and not a template, the design of the actual mission is completely open. For many components care has also been taken to localise messages and texts into several languages (German, Czech, Polish and Russian).

    The project team (which also includes key contributors from outside BAS) hopes that beginner and intermediate-level mission designers alike will find BAS f a useful addition to their arsenals, and looks forward to seeing new ArmA missions created using the framework.

    Please note that BAS is releasing this beta of BAS f without support, and asks that members of the community do not attempt to request advice or assistance directly via email, IRC or instant message. For further updates and discussion of the BAS f mission development framework please visit your favourite forum or channel.

    The BAS f mission development framework (beta) is provided as a 1.2Mb RAR file with a choice of English (EN), German (DE) and Russian (RU) versions of the manual, and is downloadable from all good ArmA community sites. As always, we thank you all for your continued support.

    Ballistic Addon Studios
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    Re: BAS f (mission development framework)

    Very interesting. Great concept I will give it a spin tonight.


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      Re: BAS f (mission development framework)

      I gave this a spin last night and was not too impressed. It is no different than any other template script that I have worked with in the past (i.e. Arty, Airstrike). The things I did like were that it was in .SQf format versus .SQS and most of the files are multilingual. On the flip side I had tons of problems trying to transfer any of the scripts from one mission to another. They made it extremely difficult based on their folder structure, you have get in the weeds and edit all the scripts if you want to use it anywhere but the original location. Plus I had countless syntax scripting errors when I started a multiplayer server or when I simply tried to open it in one of my editors.

      As a template for a mission it has limited potential, it only has a couple scripts.
      Normally once a mission maker gets a script to work, they create a "dummy folder" that contains all of them for future use. I the concept from BAS is no different, but the way they created them makes them difficult to transfer, IMHO.

      It might be a good start for some, but I will pass. If you really want something reliable, find a mission you like and decompile it and see what kind of scripts are used that you like. That is a easier way to copy and paste those scripts to your mission.

      Still a good find though!
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        Re: BAS f (mission development framework)

        BAS f v0-0-28 (beta) was released a week or so ago. This version includes updates that support elements of the ShackTac TTP, so if you're interested in making missions on a platoon level then definitely check out this latest framework.

        New in this release:

        Spanish is now supported by core components
        AI Skill Selector (Attack & Defend Version)
        BAS f Common Local Variables
        Multi-side Briefing File Template
        Hide Enemy Objectives
        Casualty Cap
        ShackTactical: Baseline Mission File Template
        ShackTactical: Markers

        Core components:

        Naming Your Mission
        Load Screen Text
        Respawn Settings
        Configurable Playable Slots
        Conditions Selector
        Gear Snippets (inc. v1.05 weapons)
        Automatic Body Removal
        Multiplayer Ending Controller
        Debug Mode
        BAS Server Logic
        Briefing File Template (Coop Version)
        ReadMe File Template

        Optional components:

        AI Skill Selector (Coop Version) (updated instructions)
        AI Skill Selector (Attack & Defend Version) (new)
        Authorised Crew Check
        Kegetys' Spectator Script for ArmA (updated instructions)
        BAS f Common Local Variables (new)
        Dynamic View Distance (new)
        Multi-side Briefing File Template (new)
        Hide Enemy Objectives (new)
        Casualty Cap (new) (updated as of 13 May 2007)
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          Re: BAS f (mission development framework)

          ShackTac TTP? Ok I give... What is it?
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            Re: BAS f (mission development framework)

            Originally posted by peardog View Post
            ShackTac TTP? Ok I give... What is it?
            See this.


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              Re: BAS f (mission development framework)

              Checking this one out, luckily it has a chunky manual.




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