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Map Reading (especially in Veteran Mode)

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  • Map Reading (especially in Veteran Mode)

    I came across this You Tube video, explaining how to use the compass with landmarks in front of you, and on the map.

    If this is well known to the vets, I apologise. I didn't know you could use it in this way ...... Just goes to show this old dog is never to old to be taught new tricks.

    I will certainly be using the Compass in a different way from now on.

    Here is the Link (credit to the orignal poster): The Compass
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    Re: Map Reading (especially in Veteran Mode)

    Ive owned Arma since it came out in the UK and im still finding out loads of new things.. I really never knew that they even created accuracy all the way down to reading a map!


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      Re: Map Reading (especially in Veteran Mode)

      Actually thats one of my biggest beefs with AA and OFP... I personally wish they used proper 1 km squared grid squares with 4 digit grid markers and 8 digit grid coordanates... I hate the letters number thing, and the scaling grid... but JMO... still love the game...

      Also wish the GPS was actually useful, proper coordinates that you enter in via mission briefing and get the arrow to indicator on map with a time/distance to... again JMO.
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        Re: Map Reading (especially in Veteran Mode)

        Magnum50, I have the same beef with PR mod's maps, but I could see how "enemy car around 356432" could be confusing to people who don't deal with it on a regular basis. And since it sounds like you were in the service, I'm sure you have at least run into a few people who could never figure out if it's 'left first or up first' even if they've had the class several times already... :) However, something that bugs me even more about the maps on Project Reality are that the letter markings are on the TOP of the grid.... which makes giving "fractional" locations pretty impossible (unintuitive?) in that mod.

        Oh, this isn't a forum to air random complaints? Then I guess I'll move out.... :)

        Thanks for the video, that was truly a treasure find!




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