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  • Battlefields Mission

    This one has me frustrated.

    I have been playing it for a week and can't get passed it. The whole squad gets wiped out on the outskirts of the town.

    I have made it once to the middle of the town with the squad leader, the sniper and me left.

    Then we all die, usually by the tank.

    Any suggestions?
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    Re: Battlefields Mission

    Spoiler Warning - Look away now if you have not played this, and intend to play it in the future!

    Myself, Sniper, SAW and normal Grunt in the HUMVE. Everyone else in the 6 tonner, where the driver is told to park by the hotel. (In other words out of your way).

    First stop the Garage where the other troops from the HUMVE are pinned down. I took the enemy soldier out here, as the AI seem incapable.

    I parked under the trees to the West of the burned out M113, and deployed my troops in a line (in stealth, so they keep their heads down). Slowly but surely they start to whittle the enemy numbers down. While this is going on, the truck is called, and the rest of the Squad told to disembark. Especially AT (who watch to the South) for the incoming T72.

    One time I did this, I made a run for the bodies by the supply trucks and helped myself to a Sniper rifle so I could help F4 out. Two of the ambushed Squad actually staid alive (but they play no further part in the mission).

    When the area below the church is cleared, the troops are told to resupply their ammo, and "Hold Fire". Then deployed in stealth mode in a line, on top of the hill in front of the church overlooking Dolores. Once happy with their positioning, they are told to "Fire at Will" (and proceed to shoot at targets I cannot see)! But the do start to dwindle enemy numbers down again.

    Move in to Dolores, but be aware of enemy troops positions directly to your West (on the beach of the Gulf of Dolores) and also in the Docks (acessed via the road on your left before you cross the bridge).

    Once this threat is cleared, proceed to your R/V point. (My people didn't like to cross the 2nd bridge to the R/V, so I ended sending F2 to pick the truck up. I took over the driving and drove them all to the R/V). I told 2 of my Squad to take charge of the Resupply and Repair trucks, but not move, until I ordered them to.

    After the R/V its on into the desert of Terra Acorcha. Utililise the Armour to eliminate the BMP threats. Once the first position is cleared of enemy. You can call up Supply and Repair. At this point I split the Squad up, and got them to man the enemy armour that was captured, proceed to Repair. Then follow 1, towards the enemy camp.

    Destroy everyone in the camp (safe inside the Armoured Car, or T72) - Mission Complete - God, I love the smell of napalm in the morning!
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