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Request: COBRA Gunner Guide/Tips

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  • Request: COBRA Gunner Guide/Tips

    I'm requesting a guide on the techniques and tactics of a COBRA gunner. Anyone that has experience is welcome to chime in!

    Specifically need information on how to target, lock, fire.
    Ordinance selection (what works best on what targets) etc.

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    Re: Request: COBRA Gunner Guide/Tips

    My main pet peeve, is that when your the pilot of the cobra and you lock a target. Your gunner does not see the lock, nor will the hellfire hit that target.
    if your flying and you have a human gunner all you can really do is fly the vehicle, and look arround, to point out targets. its all up to the gunner to put rounds on target. With that being said, as a gunner, if you hear your pilot calling out targets, like " Target that vehicle at 03" that means at 030 degres on your compas you should be looking for a vehicle, pressing your next target button. in order to do this you must turn on freelook, default I belive is right-alt. Keep in mind that certian targets will lock when you have one weapon out, but not when you have another weapon. Another thing to keep in mind is that if your pilot is requesting you to switch to some wierd weapon, its because all he can do is "request" that you switch to the next weapon in the cycle. and if you intend on doin a rocket run, you need to pay attention to where your pilot is putting the nose of the aircraft. im not sure where the impact is if your in optic mode w/ FFAR's but in normal mode its just beneath the little white dot in the HUD, so make sure when you see this dot just above your target, you fire as many rockets as you can before it leaves your target. Not just one rocket. FFAR's are great, but one wont do much, especially if it misses....




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