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Mission editor "seminar?"

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  • Mission editor "seminar?"

    Hey, I was wondering if it was at ALL possible for us all to get together one day/evening and have a bit of a "seminar" on mission editing. I, for one, am a newb in these matters, but would really like to learn. So, those of us who are in the know can play teacher to the rest of us on TS.

    As it stands now, the only real decent guide is a barebones wiki page. This is simply a list of what's IN the editor and what their basic function is. In a seminar, it'd be nice to go through some basic projects and functions together, hands-on with a voice on the other end. It'd also be more fun.

    Eventually, we'd get into some basic scripting of course.

    Anyways, just a thought...
    Anyone willing to volunteer to teach others?

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    Re: Mission editor "seminar?"

    Gambit, I'd think we'd be able to make that happen. I know we have some mission editors here.

    In the meantime, you might want to check out this guide, which is linked from this thread. The guide was written for OFP, but many things carry over to ArmA and are just as applicable.


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      Re: Mission editor "seminar?"


      We can always set something up. Easiest way is to catch one of us on chat and we can definitly take the time to walk you through it.
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        Re: Mission editor "seminar?"

        Gambit7. I came across the following link in the BIS forum (made as an aide to Mission Making). I have not seen it myself, but the comments about the tutorial are favourable. Hope you may find it useful.

        Credit to the original poster (dilfax): LINK
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          Re: Mission editor "seminar?"

          Oh... How about a Camtasia Cap of some different Mission editing stuff..? Tricks to do common stuff etc...
          Or you can use the Free Windows Media Encioder..

          (EDITED -- Yeah..Like Magnum did here! : )
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