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Requesting Help on a "small" test mission...

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  • Requesting Help on a "small" test mission...

    Hey its me again! I had an idea for a mission, but frankly I can't figure out of the triggers and possible scripting involved in it. This is basically a test and a learning experience, but I have only a small clue where to start; so let me start off by explaining it...

    This mostly came about when I was trying to think of a way to create a raging AI battle that lasted longer than 2 minutes without requiring player input.

    Basically I'm trying to make an ongoing dynamic battle where fresh recruits for both sides are brought in by helo to reinforce their fallen comrades positions.

    To describe in more technically terms (as best as I can);
    The BluFor & OpFor are fighting over Corazol; both with forward bases on opposite sides outside of the city (BLUFOR base on the East & OPFOR base on the West). Each side is fielding 50+ units, not including armor 3 air transports (Hinds/Blackhawks) at their airports. Both sides are fighting for a flag in the center of town.
    For the dynamic part; when either sides army numbers go below ~30 troops, a fresh group of units will be spawned at the corresponding sides' airport. They will board a helo, the helo will fly and unload the new troops at that sides forward base, and fly back to the airport to await more troops.
    Meanwhile the newly landed troops will follow their "seek and destroy" waypoint to the center of town and engage the enemy.
    Parts I believe are needed include...
    A trigger to test to see how many troops are still alive, and if its below 30 to activate a spawn of troops and start the hind on iits waypoint loop (unload, cyle). For the flag, a trigger to see if one side is completely out of the city, so that the flag will turn to the winners side (this one might not be needed).

    ...Thats all I can think of right now, if someone wants to help I'd appreciate it, as well as perhaps pointing me in the right direction (I do use that OFPEC COMREF page btw).


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    Re: Requesting Help on a "small" test mission...

    I created a small test to figure out the above, but much smaller. I used a trigger that repeatedly fires every time 1 opfor troop is killed. I got it to spawn a single new opfor troop and it now loops. But it seems that they spawn without AI, cause I can stand right in front of them and they don't respond. Also I am unsure how one goes about giving the spawned soldier a name property, as well as giving him waypoints. Anyone have any ideas? btw here is my code under that trigger...:position[]={11012.282227,31.491737,5946.406250};
    activationType="NOT PRESENT";
    expActiv="_man = ""SoldierEMedic"" createVehicle getMarkerPos ""test""; ";




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