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  • Tidbits...

    Please contribute your share of tidbits into this thread for the enjoyment of your fellow newcomers like myself.

    1. Leave an AI by the recruitment building and order him to halt. You can use that AI to recruit new soldiers for you wherever you are on the battlefield and the newly recruited AIs will spawn on you. [Evolution only.]

    2. Once you have the map open the compass will be revolving depending on the direction you are looking at. This way not only you can determine which direction you are looking at, but rather you will be able to find objectives, rally points and next towns very easily. I reckon this is super useful in Veteran Mode.

    3. Once you have the map open the numbers and the lines represent altitudes. This can be useful to determine landing zones behind a hill cover, from far far away.

    4. When placing a marker on the map the sign can be changed to reflect the marker. Such as Waypoints would be little squares, Rally points would be Green flags. To do this double click to make the marker and then press up and down button. I do not know how to change the color and delete a marker.

    5. Adjust your volume to where the effects are low. This way you can hear teamspeak when driving a tank or in a loud engine vehicle. The VOIP can be used if only the volumes are correctly messed with, except the Direct Communication Channel.

    Well these are all I have for now. Please give your details with how to do it on this thread to help us newbies out. Personally I would love to learn how to completely manipulate the map and the map markers.
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    Re: Tidbits...

    Pressing shift while cycling the markers will change the colors.

    To delete, Mouse over and press Delete.
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