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    Map features:
    Map type: Coop
    Max players: 40
    Player respawn: 15 seconds
    Vehicle respawn: 2 Minutes

    � AI Random patrols
    � AI Paradrops
    � AI Counter-Attacks
    � AI Ambushes
    � AI Reinforcements
    � Class-oriented vehicle locks.
    � Play as either RACS or US, max 20 players on each side

    Map description:
    Sahrani has been divided into 3 territories, the southern part is controlled by the US, the northern by RACS and the central part around Bagango is SLA territory. The SLA has invaded the northern part of the island and are trying to swiftly seize all of the cities controlled by the RACS. There are 7 cities of interest, when the map starts RACS are in control of 2 cities, SLA has 4 cities and US has one. The mission can only end in two ways, either the combined forces of US and RACS control all of the 7 cities or SLA does.

    Capture & Hold towns:
    Tandag, Eponia, Carmen, Bagango, Mercalillo, Obregan, Corazol

    Beta 1.6
    ? Bugfixes by Wanderfalke
    - New game logic
    - Fixed endings
    - Ammo boxes now gets restocked
    - Paradrop script changed for the original ArmA script
    - Various bugfixes

    Beta 1.5
    - Infantry in the towns won't move outside the objective area causing constant objective changes.
    - Fewer units using the urban patrol scripts, replaced with waypoints.
    - US chopper and tank locks have been removed, since they sometimes locked the entire vehicle.
    - More nightvision goggles added.
    - Enemy paradrops now work as they should.
    - Mission endings fixed.
    - Added the blackhawk pilot for the US side.
    - More vehicles and less infantry.
    - Enemies will make more counter-attacks.
    - SLA Command Center added

    Beta 1.4
    - Objective triggers removed and replaced with scripts.
    - Player respawn set to 15 seconds.
    - Fixed bug that allowed SLA to win by simply 'visiting' a town.
    - Markers on the map should now update properly.
    - One more SLA outpost has been added.

    Beta 1.2
    - The single SLA playable soldier removed.
    - Brand new briefing to match the sweet new look in ArmA 1.5.
    Known bugs:
    - Vehicles will be unlocked to all classes when they respawn.

    Upcoming changes:
    - More aggressive SLA troops, they will attempt to take back towns with different counter-attack methods.
    - Stronger defensive positions around the larger towns.
    - SLA infantry/vehicles respawning at their base and attacking/reinforcing areas around the towns. Respawn time will change based on the amount of towns controlled.
    - Side missions, rewarding special vehicles/weapons, taking over towns might get tiresome after a while.
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    Re: Coop Mission Tease...

    Great job Peardog !

    We need to create a mission library and add this for easy access. It would be a shame to lose it in old forum pages.


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      Re: Coop Mission Tease...

      We should have this set up in the Public server for a bit. For people to play and we can get feedback to see if we like it or not. Or kill EVO for a bit.


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        Re: Coop Mission Tease...

        I will just Drop Strag or Panzer a note and they will get it on Quickly!

        I will post when it's on...
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          Re: Coop Mission Tease...

          where i copy mission . what folder????


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            Re: Coop Mission Tease...

            You only need to join the server when the mission is running. It will automatically install to your game.
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              Re: Coop Mission Tease...

              BTW ..PANZER has it posted...
              So Jump in and Give it a Shot.. It may be Decent..?? Hopefully,,
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                Re: Coop Mission Tease...

                Ok..I got a Little TASTE of the mission...
                1. It's BIG..Like for Dozens of players.. It probably can be done with 10 Humans..there are no AI's to assist.
                2. The AI will heavily reinforce .. so as soon as you think you have a town cleared... Here comes Enemy Armor Blowing into town to reclaim it...
                3. There are TWO possible FRONTS, One ARMY, the Saharini's, starts in the North.. while the BlueFor starte Outside of Corazol... This would be interesting with a Full Server, But I have no Idea what a two front WAR would do to the SERVER...
                4. I think it's Persistent.. I joined and I could see a Scoreboard that had Panzer on earlier .... and no one else was around..

                So Give it a Shot if you have the time and the Playerbase and let me know what you think.. Could make for a nice change from the EVO grind..but still has some of the feature of the EVO..
                |TG|ARMA Pathfinder
       where did I put my keys?


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                  Re: Coop Mission Tease...

                  Played this last night w/ up to 12-15 guys at one point I think? It was a blast... the AI behaves a lot differently than in Evo which is a nice change: Infantry advancing with armor and counter attacking previously cleared cities were a few very noticable changes. Get's a big thumbs up from me! :icon_lol:


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                    Re: Coop Mission Tease...

                    Good..! Nice to hear it is decent with that Many on at the same time...
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                      Re: Coop Mission Tease...

                      Woof woof lemme try! :D

                      Oh I was wondering, are there predefined squads or is it like Evo where you can make and break as you like?




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