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  • Flight techniques

    While using the AH1-Z Cobra

    I did this mission offline and it depicts some basic tactics used when Flying the Cobra

    Approach types:

    As defined by me lol

    1. Low and slow - move through tree's and follow roads for the ultimate in Cover. this is the most dangerous approach

    Best when Infantry locations are KNOWN(positive theres no one in the woods 2 miles from camp) the Cobra's Canopy is not armored. any standard crap bullet can penetrate it and kill you

    2. Low and quick - stay just a little bit above the tree tops/water and move at high speeds, this is depicted in the video and can be performed by mediocre pilots without much difficulty

    Best when Armor and infantry are known to be present this prevents Infantry from getting any kind of good shot on you while being close enough to the ground where AA shouldn't be too much of a thread(dont mess with it though)

    3. High approach - this approach is best when dealing with Infantry ONLY. no T-72's no UAZ's etc etc. flying high makes you an easy target for a 50 cal. That's another story for the AK-47, making any kind of good shot will be difficult at the least for any Redfor infantry.


    AGM Hellfire - Very effective Anti Armor air to ground missile. best used sparingly for heavily armored vehicles (T72's, BMP's, etc etc.)

    FFAR (M229 HE) - High explosive, unguided rocket. Best used against Light vehicles (BRDM, UAZ, Ural) or Infantry.

    M197 20MM "Gatling" Cannon - Best used against Light vehicles and Infantry, Most effective for "precision" work where there are only a few targets and FFAR's become unethical due to the blast radius.

    It's a pilot's decision to approach the way he wants. Use your assets wisely and fly smart!

    Video 155MB 640x480

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    Re: Flight techniques

    that was awesome, thanks for the lesson!! great job!! :icon14:

    one question - how do you cycle between the weapons in aircraft? I couldn't find the key in the controls-config menu.

    (oh - and great musical selections too!)


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      Re: Flight techniques

      In order to use the weapons as a pilot, you have to Switch to "Manual Fire" in the selection menu (scroll wheel then enter) Then you press "F" to change weapons. you can only turn Manual Fire on when you have an AI gunner or NO gunner. if you have a person in the gunner seat. he has full control of guns and you dont get the glory =)


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        Re: Flight techniques

        ahhhhhhh ok... was flying around the MH-6 and couldn't figure out how to switch to the miniguns :D




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