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Now Playing at a COOP near you: Day of Doom

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  • Now Playing at a COOP near you: Day of Doom

    Day of Doom

    Mission Name: DAY OF DOOM
    Game mode: Cooperative
    Addon's required: no addons
    Respawn: in 30 seconds
    Infantry: Resistance
    Vehicles: Unlocked/ Respawn on
    Mission created by: PutiNix77
    Mission Version: Final 1.3
    Release Date: 07/2007
    Briefings: Full briefing
    Intro: intro
    Difficulty: expert
    Supports: Multiplayer
    Weather/Time: flexible

    Authors Description:"
    The East Empire (SLA) have crossed the border, the invasion has begun.
    Choose our Target location and eliminate the enemy in there defense positions!
    You will also find equipment at checkpoints: Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta Echo" + 1 Extra vehicle spawn (no more wait on HQ or Checkpoint)
    empty heliports fill up!!!
    MP flare script!!! for night atmosphere
    No Grass!!!
    and mutch more..."

    This was played by a Few of the TG comrades yesteday on the TG server..and I think has good potential... It is played on my favorite part of the Island (DRS - North/East) ... It spans the WHOLE Eastern part of Sahrani
    .. Multiple objectives (towns etc..).. This probably would be an EPIC map..
    Needs probably a good 10 Players.. Start in PITA.. Choose your objectives..multiple FARPS etc.. Good Stuff... Check it out!!

    TG SERVER MAP name: Day of Doom
    |TG|ARMA Pathfinder where did I put my keys?



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