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Help: Detecting Completion of Objectives?

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  • Help: Detecting Completion of Objectives?

    Hey all. I'm just starting to finish up a mission I've been working, but I seemed to run into another wall. Just as the title suggests, I need help with detecting if my mission objectives have been completed by the player. Let me start by quickly explaining the missions goal: 3 main objectives; destroy the ammo truck to clear the first objective, destroy the fuel truck to clear the second objective, and eliminate the 3 Shilkas to complete the third and finally objective. *Note that these don't need to be completed in any certain order.

    I need to know how to check when the above have been complete. I'll provide more information as needed (because I don't know what information to give :)). Thanks in advanced.

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    Re: Help: Detecting Completion of Objectives?

    It is a trigger that has to be added. It should probably look like this:

    Condition: obj1 && obj2 && obj3 obj1,2,3 being whatever you named your objectives earlier

    On Act: Base sideChat "The Area is clear!"; end1=true This will show a message before it ends
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      Re: Help: Detecting Completion of Objectives?

      In a trigger "on Act" put "1" objStatus "DONE"

      If you want to tell players it,s done put "1" objStatus "DONE"; hint "Truck destroyed"

      Then you have to check off the objective in the briefing put

      <p><a name = "OBJ_1"></a><a href="marker:destroy">Destroy truck</a>.

      The best way to see how this works is unpbo a mission.


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        Re: Help: Detecting Completion of Objectives?

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