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New Large TvT added 08/14/07

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  • New Large TvT added 08/14/07

    - By TG regular Concr3te!

    ..Inspired by recent trips to French WW1 and WW2 museums he came up with this "Omaha Beach" inspired TvT!
    I would hope that this can get some play testing somehow.(maybe an alternate Sunday event Map).. If we do, Concr3te requests a PM relative any bugs...

    Thanks for the Contribution !!!
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    Re: New Large TvT added 08/14/07

    Thanks for putting it on the server, Pear.
    Oh and a little heads up; I have also finished the Iguana Beach Coop version, it's in your mailbox :)

    And a little bit more info about the mission;

    it's indeed based on the assault on Normandy (Omaha Beach in particular), June the 6th, 1944.
    The Opfor have major defense works set up on the beach, with lots of barbed wire, bunkers and static machineguns. Yet they get only 20 players while the US forces get 30 players.
    It starts out foggy, which means making use of the helicopters at the beginning is pretty tough, but as the fog clears, the US forces can use it's 2 Blackhawks for Paratroopers and the Opfor their Mi-17 for bombing the US island, or for air to air fights :)
    Oh and the US forces get alot of boats of course!
    So it will make for some interesting infantry/air to air combat.

    Hope you guys enjoy the mission.




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