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  • Evolution Blue - TG Edition 1.0

    As a permanent replacement for Evolution 3.0 on the persistent server we are happy to announce the release of Evolution Blue - TG Edition 1.0. Evo Blue has been edited in order to make the mission more realistic and encourage teamwork. Here is a complete list of the changes:

    All points requirements for ranks have been removed. You will immediately become a colonel and have full access to all locked vehicles and weapons as soon as you spawn (previous bug resolved).

    HALO Jumps have been disabled.

    Respawn time has been increased to 75 seconds.

    There are fewer vehicles available at the base. The following have been removed: 1x AV8B (GBU), 1x AV8B, UH60 FFAR, 1x MH6, 1x AH1W, 1x AH6.

    The support request system has been significantly modified. Only the Team Leader (not squad leaders) can make support requests so there is only one person on your team who can make requests. In return, there are no point requirements for support requests but there are time limits between each type of request. Here is a list of the available types of support:
    • M224 Mortar HE - Fire 10 60mm HE mortar shells - 60 secs. between requests (New)
    • M224 Mortar Smoke - Fire 5 smoke mortar shells - 60 secs. between requests (New)
    • M224 Mortar ILLUM - Fire 1 white illumination mortar - 60 secs. between requests (New)
    • M119 Artillery HE - Fire 6 105mm HE Artillery Shells - 5 mins. between requests (Renamed)
    • MQ1 Predator AGM-114 - Launch 1 Hellfire from a Predator UAV - 5 mins. between requests (Renamed)

    Chemical Strikes and ICBMs have been disabled. Red smoke is no longer visible at target locations. Damage assessment messages have been replaced with a "Fire Mission Complete" message.
    For information on the author's original release of Evo Blue see this thread in the BIS forums:

    Evolution (Red+Blue)

    Thanks to everyone that helped test the beta and RC1 versions of Evo Blue-TG. We will continue to solicit and welcome feedback and your opinions on what will make playing Evo Blue at TG even better. We are already working on some additional enhancements to increase realism, immersion, and teamwork but we need your help too! So, keep sending in your recommendations and other feedback (in this thread only please!) and look for more announcements soon!

    For those curious about an Evo Red - TG...we are looking at similar changes for it for special coop events and the like. There is no timetable for this yet so I will keep you upated as progress occurs.
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    Re: Evolution Blue - TG Edition 1.0

    Kiljoy has released Evolution Blue v2 which should fix some bugs and other problems seen after the original release. Here is the changelog:

    1. Reinforcements bugs fixed.
    2. AI squadmates disappear when they should.
    3. New halo anims.
    4. Enemy is more defensive.
    5. Enemy manned MG guns.
    All of the changes (with the exception of 3 since HALO has been disabled) have been incorporated and released as Evolution Blue v2 - TG Edition 1.01 which is now uploaded on the server.

    These changes should hopefully solve the bug where AI don't dissapear after being droped from the squad (or their leader disconnects from the server) and some lag and other server issues caused by the reinforcement system.

    There have been no changes to the TG Edition features released in v1.0. We are still exploring various enhancements and will be seeking your feedback potential changes soon!


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