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  • Sahrani Life Player's Guide

    As many of you have already experienced, the Sahrani Life RPG Mission has come to TG. Because it is an RPG mission, there is quite a big learning curve. All the information you need to know to play the mission is in the briefing, but, that can only be seen in-game. In order for players to be able to more quickly jump in and and start playing this mission I am posting below the overview (long) included in the briefing for ease of reference.

    Please note that I copied this verbatim from the briefing file and English is not the Author's native language so there are some minor typos. I am leaving these unedited at this time.


    Sahrani Life Version 1.02 - (c) by Issetea and Fewo

    Sahrani Life is a RPG-Mission, meaning that there are no objectives and you can play it as long as you want to. Each player should act his own way, as long as it corresponds to the rules. Those rules are defined by the cops, but there are also a few general rules anyone should obey:

    - No spreekilling.
    - No flaming (it is hard to do so, but try it as good as possible).
    - Try to behave in all situations cooperatively.

    Please obey those rules.

    And now to the rules:

    As a Civilist (or just civ) you have to obey the rules, which have been made by the cops. You can break these, but then you have to expect to get punished. This can lead from fines to terms of imprisonment and in the extreme case to death So you should obey those rules and behave cooperatively.

    As a policeman (or just cop) you must ensure that all players adhere to the rules set up by you and are punished accordingly with offence. But consider one: Force of arms should be considered only as last solution and be warned in each case. An exception consists to defending, then you may shoot back without warning.

    A short form of the rules and a detailed Gameinfo can be seen under the notes.

    An overview over all functions.
    - Licenses
    - Weapons
    - Vehicle
    - Making money
    - Other
    - Inventory


    You need licenses to buy several things. Mainly you need those for Weapons und Vehicle. It costs money and can be seen in the stats, which of them you have. The licenses can be bought at those two flags. Cops have already all licenses at the beginning. There are also other licenses like the Headmoneylicense or the Universityexam.


    Weapons are the solution for (nearly) everything. Nevertheless their use should terminate a discussion rarely. To get them, you need a License. You can choose between the following shops:

    - Handguns
    - Rifles
    - Sniperrifles
    - Heavy Guns
    - Equipment (does not need a license)

    Handguns can be holstered by using the action from the actionmenu. You can get it back by using the inventory.


    To move along the island without using public transport you should use vehicles. Each type of vehicle can be bought at the shops listed below. Licenses are needed.

    - Simple cars
    - Pickups
    - Trucks and Jeeps
    - Armored Cars
    - Boats
    - Planes and choppers

    Vehicle will be locked with keys by using the Inventory. Select the keychain, press "use" and then select the vehicle.

    At the armored cars shop there is a garage you can upgrade the speed of your vehicle.

    At the Gas Station you can sell your cars.

    Make Money

    Without money nothing goes. There are different legal, illegal and automatic raising of funds methods, which are here listed:

    - Paychecks (all 3 minutes)
    - Interest at the Bank

    - Workplaces
    - Hideouts
    - Playing Lotto
    - Worker
    - Buy Shops

    - Trading drugs
    - rob the Bank
    - Street race

    The only possibilities for cops to earn money are the Paycheck and the Workplace-Delivery-Missions.

    Playing Lotto

    at the Civhospital there is a flag, where you can play lotto. The different values of the tickets show only the possible profit, not the possibility of winning.

    Buy shops

    On the map you will find shops you can buy. You get a portion of the profit to each Paycheck, and thus more money.

    All 3 minutes civs get 100$, Cops 5000$. Civs can drive this amount by Interest, Workplaces and Hideouts up.


    Player can transfer their money on the bank to keep it beyond death. You can also transfer money to other players. You get also 3% interest with every Paycheck. You can also find ATM's in every larger town. In Bagango there is the main bank the civs can rob.


    At the Workplaces additional money can be made, if the player stays there for a while. This amount can be increased by the following possibilities:

    - Universityexam
    - Buy workplaces.

    At each Workplace you can get a deliveryjob. You must bring the received articles to the mentioned delivery point to get the money.

    The Workplaces are here, here and here.
    The Seach-Mission of Workplace1 will send you to the workplace-forest in order to find a hidden object.
    Illegal: The second workplace buys weapons.
    The third Workplace offers a fishing-mission, where you can gather fish while driving on the water with your own boat.


    Hideouts can be bought at the City hall and be build somewhere on the map, except in the cities. Hideouts supply to each Paycheck money and can be equipped with the following addons:

    - The possibility to teleport yourself to your hideout. The possibility to teleport yourself to the hospital will be removed (Only available if teleport is activated in the mission preferences)
    - Onlinebanking to use the Bank at your hideout
    - Healing, to heal yourself at your hideout.


    Worker can be bought at the Busstop "Copbase". These workers should be sent to a workplace, where they make money. You can fetch this money anytime.

    Trading Drugs

    Dorgenhandel is the most lucrative, but also most illegal Method to make money. If a cop will find drugs with you, they will be removed and you can get punished. You can buy drugs here and sell them, depending on the type, here, here or here. You can also use the drugs by yourself, but you will repent it...

    Street race

    A Streetrace can be started in Pita by at least two Civs. It costs 5000$. You drive across the island to the goal here. The winner will get all the money, the others nothing. There are no rules, you just should not die. At the start you have to be in the marked area.


    It is only possible to teleport if it is switched on in the mission preferences!

    All players have the possibility to teleport themselves to the Hospital. It costs money and a loading time of 60 seconds. Cops can teleport themselfes to their Base. But watch out: It is possible that the process fails, and then you landhere...


    Terrorist-camp: A Civ can become a terrorist by paying 10.000$. Terrorists are able to buy vehicles and weapons in the camp. A hijacked Convoy can be used to fill the ammo crates with free weapons.


    Some other functions coming with the mission:

    - Marker
    - Prison
    - Cops only: Set Civs wanted/unwanted
    - Civmenu
    - Shooting Range
    - Weaponconvoy
    - Terrorists
    - Bounty hunting
    - public transport
    - Bombs
    - City Hall
    - Gas station
    - Camera System
    - Animations
    - Weather and Time
    - Death
    - forbidden areas


    The Animation action in your action menu will open a list with playable animations. Some of them can only be used without/with a weapon in your hand.


    Cops are allowed to use a special camera system which allows them to spectate Civs and the Prison. Watching Civs is not free.


    Following things will happen to you if you die:

    - The complete inventory will be empty (except for the Hideout, Roadblock and Keys).
    - Civs have to wait additional 25 secs for each of their deaths
    - You will be teleported to the Civ/Cop hospital
    - Civs are not wanted anymore; Bounty is removed
    - You keep the money which is stored in the bank.
    - Workers will be deleted.
    - Weapons will be removed and deleted (Other players can't pick them up)
    - They hideout will not be deleted
    - Marker Refresh will be back to 5secs

    forbidden areas

    There are some special areas the player isn't allowed go to (Special area for gamelogics). Cops are not allowed to move into the Terrorist-area and civs are not allowed to go into the copbase. The player will be teleported into the Civ/Cop hospital after getting to close to such an area.

    Weather and Time

    The weather changes randomly. The change will be displayed in a small hint and can be looked up in the civ hospital.

    The time skips as configured in the mission-setup (before the briefing).

    Gas station

    Gas station: Vehicles can be refueled or selled. In addition the player is able to buy refuelkits and repairkits.

    How to set a Civ (un)wanted

    Cops are able to set civs wanted or unwanted using an extra flag located in their base. This is useful if the player has commited a crime which isnt detected by the scripts.

    City Hall

    At the City Hall the player can buy a hideout (which consists of a tent, an ammo crate, a flag for addons and an optional small 'garage'). In addition to that you can open a playerlist with some basic information about the deaths of a civilian, his name and his Bounty.


    All civs are marked on the map. The marker refreshes itself every 5 seconds, but the duration can be changed using a flag in Bagango, which of cause isn't free. Cops can enable Cop-Marker in order to see other cops on the map (the corresponding flag is located in the cop base). Red marker indicate that the civ is currently wanted by the police for commiting a crime.

    Terrorists have the possibility to jam their marker using a device they can buy in their camp.


    After someone has commited a crime cops are allowed to arrest them using the Civmenus. The prison is located here. The arrested civ is able to pay bail or wait until he is released automatically. Cops are able to free them using a flag located in the copbase. If the arrested person escapes from jail he will be set to wanted! A chopper move to Masbete every three minutes.


    Cops can open a "Civmenu" in order to disarm, heal, arrest, or search for drugs. Cops are also able to give tickets to civs. The slider determines the amount of time or money depending on the selected action.

    Shooting Range

    Shooting Range: Train your skills and be rewarded with money!

    Weapon Convoy

    A Weaponconvoy will spawn north of carmen. If it reaches the Copbase, the ammoboxes will be filled with new weapons. Terrorists Terrorists are able to steal the truck in order to drive it to the terrorist-hideout and get the weapons. Cops have to prevent this. In case of the drivers death the police has to bring the truck to their base on their own.

    Bounty hunting

    Cops can set a bounty on civs (the cop has to pay for it). Civs can buy a license in order to take part. The killer will be rewarded with the money (License needed).

    Public transport

    Important positions are connected with public transport.

    - Line 1: Bagango-Obregan and back (1 bus, every 12 Minutes)
    - Line 2: Masbete-Bagango-Mercalillo-Obregan and back (2 busses, every 15 Minutes)
    - Line 3: Pita-Masbete-Benoma-Bagango and back (2 busses, every 15 Minutes))
    - Line 4: Prison-Masbete and back (2 choppers, every 4 Minutes)

    You can see the detailed information at the bus stations. Destroyed vehicles will respawn after 15 minutes.


    Civs are able to buy some bombs in the garage in Masbete or in the terrorists-camp. All bombs except for the suicide-bomb can only be used inside cars.

    - Remote-bomb: This bomb will explode after using the associated remote control.
    - Activation-bomb: This bomb will explode when someone activates the engine of the vehicle.
    - Speed-bomb: This bomb will be activated when the vehicle drives faster than a selected speed. If the vehicles gets too slow it will explode. The bomb will deactivate itself after a certain time.
    - Time-bomb: This bomb explodes after a certain amount of time.

    All these bombs can be placed inside a vehicle using the inventory (You have to sit inside the car).

    The suicide-bomb can be used to kill yourself and everything which is close too your position.


    The inventory (callable in the action-meun) is a very important component of the missiom. All your items will be saved in it. You can use, transfer or delete your items in the inventory.

    Example: You can use a medikit in order to heal yourself. The keychain is more complex. In order to lock one of you cars, you have to use the key chain and select the vehicle you want to lock from the list.

    -Delete an item:
    After you deleted one of your items you can't get it back! Note that not eerything can be deleted (You will see a small infobox if you try to delete such an item).

    In order to transfer an item into the inventory of another player you have to select his number (listbox in the inventory) and select an amount with the slider. If you try to transfer one of your keys the list of your vehicles will appear again. There you can select the key which belongs to the car you want to give away. Note that not everything can be exchanged.


    Some interesting things players should do on their own in order to to have a nice game.

    -Trading Weapons: Weapons can be stored in vehicles or sold to other players. Money can be transfered via the inventory.
    -Trading Drugs: Players are able to give drugs to each other using the inventory.
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    Re: Sahrani Life Player's Guide

    Thanks for posting that loyal. I tried it out last night and I was starting to figure it out a bit. However my game was messing up, weird textures and slide show graphics so I never really got into it. One thing I was having problems with were the handgun. I bought a silenced M9 and 4 clips for it. The first time I used it I could bring up the iron sights and reload it. However later in the game I could not get it to reload or raise up to iron sights. Not sure if this was a problem on my end though.


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      It's a bug that seems be caused by removing a "holstered" pistol. When this happens the easiest fix is to hit the key that changes your rate of fire (Default F). This should bring it right back to normal.

      When everyone plays their roles properly, this mission can be a lot of good squad-based dirty fighting fun.
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        Re: Sahrani Life Player's Guide

        It could definately be fun but I just wasn't feeling it last night, plus the "cops" were more interested in the other civies then me. I think now that I know a bit more it will be fun.


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          Re: Sahrani Life Player's Guide

          Originally posted by Long Bow View Post
          It could definately be fun but I just wasn't feeling it last night, plus the "cops" were more interested in the other civies then me. I think now that I know a bit more it will be fun.
          Once you know some good tactics and can use them in conjunction with the different "bonus" items for each team... its alot of fun on BOTH sides :)


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            Re: Sahrani Life Player's Guide

            I guess I need to try this out, looks great.
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              Re: Sahrani Life Player's Guide

              Now I have found a reason to play ARMA again. I bet this will be a lot of fun at TG.


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                Re: Sahrani Life Player's Guide

                Wow, that sounds pretty fun!
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                  Re: Sahrani Life Player's Guide

                  This mission is now up on the SM server full time, for a trial period. Take it for a spin and see what you think.

                  I tried it the other night and had issues getting into game, I do not know if it was me or the server. But everyone else seems to be getting ingame ok. Please post if anyone else has issues...
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