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  • Added some new missions..

    I just added 12 new missions to the SM server if any of you would like to come check/test em out, ill be on there messin around today for a few hours probly. Hopefully we can check these out and get em over to the CoOp server real fast!


    co_12 - The Arms Dealer
    co_6 - On his majestys service
    co_12 - soldiers of misfortune
    co_10 - laser stamp
    co_8 - SB Depot Sabatoge
    1-8_C - LighthouseTakeover
    co7 - Stryker Raid
    The X-Files 1 & 2
    co12 - TiedUp
    co4 - covertops
    co8 - phoenix project v.2

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    Re: Added some new missions..

    Titus1964 and I checked out X-files 1 last night as well as On his majestys service. I wasn't too crazy about either but I'd like to hear other opinions.

    With X-files it is instant respawn (respawn exactly where you died) after only 10 secs. I am not crazy about instant respawn in the first place, but the only time I think it works is with a much longer delay (75+ secs). The way it currently is you often get killed by the same enemy multiple times. There also may be a end of mission bug. The mission never actually ended for us (we may have even failed). As far as we knew we accomplished the objectives but nothing happened even after 10 mins. I may re-visit but would like to know other people's opinons.

    With On his majesty's you can tell from the title it is a James Bond themed mission. I liked the concept but I think the implementation is a little off. This is a group respawn, so when you die you re-spawn into one of the AI in your group. I think the first objective is too difficult considering the number of enemy, location of the initial spawn point, and weapons limitations. Has anyone else tried this yet?

    I'll try to check out some of the others soon! If anyone else has reviews let's hear 'em!




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