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Insurgency Mission?

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  • Insurgency Mission?

    It's still a WIP, but I like the idea behind it. It's in the style of missions like Sahrani Life, but it cuts out the mundane crap and the bank robberies and instead focuses on terrorist vs marine TvT elements. Though it looks like only the simplest elements. Hopefully this mission develops further.;f=67;t=70120
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    Re: Insurgency Mission?

    That actually looks really good. I don't know how it will play with small numbers but it should be alright.

    Is it a persistant thing like EVO? If so this would be fun, if not then no thanks. I think the main thing is if you have to ship a huge amount of ammo for the insurgents before any form of attack can take place it might be a bit boring. I think it would be best to keep it simple so that your not spending most of your time as insurgents dealing with logistics and not setting up attacks. I would think that it would be best to be allowed to pull of an attack with as little as a pistol and one clip. That way if you want to pull of a massive strike you need to stock pile, but if all you want to do is do a quick ak47 blitz of a lone Hummer you can quickly. I don't play Arma to be a delivery boy ;)




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