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    I'm trying to get a DC3 thats supposed to carry paratroops to stay on the correct flight path. When I first started doing this it worked just fine then with out warning it will no longer fly straight It starts the drop then veers off to the left dropping the last half of the unit into the ocean. The pilot's behaviour is set to careless and he is set originally to fly at 200 feet. Since this started happening I have tried various heights and still no luck, I've tried moving the waypoints around and still nothing.

    Here is the flight path of the plane in this image
    The blue line is where he is supposed to go the red line is where he starts going to the left.

    The plane is set up where it is commanded by a officer whos probability of showing up is set to 0 so that the plane will be considered an enemy to an AA gun that is close to the drop zone

    I didn't add anything when this suddenly started doing this so I have no idea how to fix it or what is causing it..
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