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Using M1A1 to lay down a barrage and cover fire.

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  • Using M1A1 to lay down a barrage and cover fire.

    Been playing around with the tanks in ArmedA and in the Armored Fist campaign(think this is what its called) you're in command of a group of 3 M1A1's.

    Wanted to see if I could lay down a creeping barrage to cover an advance with the main gun. Was able to line the others up in position but I noticed that the game wouldn't allow you to order the group to fire the main gun unless there is a shooting solution on a valid target and they seem to use their own initiative anyway.

    Is there a way , as "commander" of the group , to order saturation or suppression fire from the others. (know we're armed with AP ammo but was trying out of curiosity anyway).

    Possibly asking way too much of a game and Ai as well.
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    Re: Using M1A1 to lay down a barrage and cover fire.

    As the Squad Leader/Commander go to the target option. If you have a enemy in range that will pop up as a target. If you want to attack a specific object or point that is not on the target scroll menu, click on "more" and it will pretty much give you every object on the screen. Then just have your AI attack a point. That should give you some saturation, but you will have to move the targets around.
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