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    I have to say, Bamboo, thank you for posting about Generation Kill in the general forums, i have become quite a fan of the mini-series and the book and i think we can actually use it as a backdrop for some missions in Arma.

    I only know of one convoy mission in the ARMA Coop mission selection (if there are more let me know.) But I think with watching Generation kill, and even the military channel in order for it to succeed there has to be some major planning that goes into it, rather than everyone mounting up and getting in and driving off.

    The first and last convoy mission I participated in went from snafu to fubar very quickly, and the lack of comms was frustrating to say the least.

    Convoy mission's in my honest opinion must have drivers and persons in the front/stryker gunners with mics. I understand that there are some players who play on our server who are hearing impaired, and i also know that some players do not have mics.

    I am hoping to try the convoy mission or if there is another one like it soon, I have been thinking of how it can be played out (overwatch by a BH or inserting a recon team on the western hills to do a overwatch as it approaches). Along with discipline and minimal comms from only the lead drivers and the CO.

    If anyone is up for it let me know I would be more than happy to take the lead and try it out again.

    I am still messing with the idea of having the BH linger back and having the CO up in the air, or in the middle/back middle humvee/5-ton truck.....

    Its a shame that passengers in the humvee's are unable to shoot out of the windows, that would make it all the more realistic but if everyone keeps moving rather than stop and go, stop and go, the mission can be a lot more enjoyable/rewarding than stressful and deadly.
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    Re: Convoy Missions

    Hey next time let me know I've been dying to do a convoy mission or insurgent patrols like that.
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