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WGL Sound Replacement

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  • WGL Sound Replacement

    Interesting new mod was just released:

    WGL Sound Replacement

    Doesn't really say what it replaces, but the video is cool.

    I am starting to think that maybe we need to have a few nights where we password Server#1 so we can all play with mods on. I think we are all mostly sticking to server 2 because we are getting such an extreamly high level of team quality without general public folks TKing and goofing off.

    What do you guys think? Maybe we should start a separate thread.


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    Re: WGL Sound Replacement

    I like the chatter.
    Nothing will replace my HiFi :P

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      Re: WGL Sound Replacement

      I like the voice replacements but the weapon sounds are not that impressive nothing will replace my modern warfare
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