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  • Arma Addon Synchronizer

    So, I have been trying to get into some of the awesome ARMA addon/mods that are out there, and it is pretty complicated it seems figuring it all out.

    Plus, we all got kind of excited and want to give something like SWAT a try.

    So I started looking into this program

    Arma Addon Synchronizer

    Here is a VERY long forum post about it (over 20 pages);st=285

    He is constantly updating and improving it. I want to know if anyone else has any experience with this or other program? The reason is I think it would be the best way to get everyone on the same page and easily set up what they need to do something like SWAT or another mod.
    We could do a detailed how to like on this site:

    Right now I like this program also because it has a server monitor and auto launcher. It lets you launch directly into the server you want from your desktop. It also lets you monitor the players on, and if the server is full, it will wait and auto launch as soon as there is an open spot.

    Now I need some help though. I have no problem jumping strait into TG server #1. But I can't seem to do it with my addon's working, even if I click the checkmark boxes for them. They work if I have them included in the desktop shortcut though, so I know they work.

    2nd, I can't get into server #2 at all, even with my desktop shortcut stock and no boxes checked. I have the password entered, but it won't let me in. Error pops up saying "Bad version, server rejected connection", and when I click ok and check the server, it has the red X through it.

    Anybody have any thoughts on the program as a whole and what it could do for us, or any help with my problems?


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    Re: Arma Addon Synchronizer

    Hi there :-)
    -If you check the "settings" tab, is your "arma directory" set correctly?
    (this should be the directory where your addons folders are) Also make sure the modfolders also appear in the textbox underneath the checked addons. (This can be used to alter the sequence you use for addons)
    -Also be sure you're arma.exe location is set correctly.

    -Are you using the latest version of my tool? (at the time speaking it should be, you can check this version number by clicking the "about" button)

    -Are you using special characters in your modfolders or spaces? At the moment my tool doesn't like those, this will be fixed but later on.

    -Can you give me a directory/file listing of your modfolders directory and it's subfolders.

    -What operating system are you using? (this may be less important as the tool should work through 2K, XP and Vista)
    -Give me a sign in the thread on BIS forums if you need more help.

    The problem you have is most likely some silly and very solvable configuration issue. Don't dump the tool over that.


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      Re: Arma Addon Synchronizer

      Sounds a lot like OFPWatch. If it does the same thing for ArmA that OFPWatch did for OFP, it's certainly something that we should get operational.
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        Re: Arma Addon Synchronizer

        This is definitely a worthwhile tool. I don't know what's been updated since Bamboo looked at it so the problem could already be solved. This is pretty much OFPWatch for ArmA.

        Setup isn't really that hard for the server. It has a lot of useful features for packaging mods for download. This would be invaluable to the mod server.

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          Re: Arma Addon Synchronizer

          I made it because i missed OFP watch so much.

          It has some features OFP watch didn't have (like copying files locally if you allready have them, comparing what files are online to your local files to only zip the files that have changed so you can do a partial upload etc, autolaunching TS, autolaunching trackIR, doubleclick on an addon to look for info on it on Armaholic or

          I think OFP watch was technically better programmed, but mine does the trick quite well.


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            Re: Arma Addon Synchronizer

            In hand Apophis! ;)


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              Re: Arma Addon Synchronizer

              "Because girls like men that have correct addons." Yoma quote.

              Rofl love it!

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