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4 player co-op Uhao campaign...

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  • 4 player co-op Uhao campaign...

    Dec, a member of the SimHQ design team has put together 10 missions for the Uhao map, in a campaign story mode... you can play these as the team leader in SP, but it is best played as a 4 man co-op team... this is like the third or forth version, and been tested and confirmed to work, play, and end properly.

    HINT: Mission one, beach landing... it's not recommended to stay on the beach long, I personally moved up first to a low lying sand pit, then up to the wall, past the wire.

    Be advised you MUST have the Uhao (Hawaii) Map...

    Simply download, extract and place the missions in your mpmissions folder. This zip does NOT contain the required map. (Can be played in ArmA and VBS2.)

    Good luck and enjoy...

    (damn, file attachments don't support .rar files, so uploaded to my site.)
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