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    Does anyone know if it would be possible to create your own custom mod folder to put all the mods you want in it and have it work? I've tried a couple times to get the Instant View Distance mod working with XAM1.5 and so far can't seem to do it (If anyone knows if this can be done, please either tell me how or let me download the folder off you)..

    And I was thinking, it's not everything thats in the XAM mod that I would want to bring over to another mod, I only really want the sounds that it has (all sounds, weapons, vehicles, etc.) and the new models it has in it and the FLIR, just about everything else could be replaced with Armaeffects and true mods...

    So anyone know if this could happen?
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    Re: Custom Mod Files

    Just had a quick look-C. It maybe a tad hard. From what I can tell you will have to decompile the PBO files from each addon and recompile them along with editing .CPP text file but it does look like it can be done.





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