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  • Alternative to Default Name Tags

    Spooner has released a pretty nifty script/addon that is meant to be a more restrictive version of the default name tags.

    It shows the name tags of infantry within 20m (changeable), vehicle crews within 1m (changeable) and corpses within 2m (changeable). Shows them in a clean and unobtrusive display too (see pics in the thread).

    The best part is, it works similar to the Mando Missiles suite in that you don't need any addons installed, you can put all the required files into the mission directly. Man I LOVE that.

    I am going to be testing these out for all my next mission release versions. If it goes well, we could make this addon a "standard" so the unrealistic name tags could be removed.

    The major problem with the default tags is that you can see people from ANY distance, THROUGH objects too. So, I can look on the proper bearing to my squad and see their name tags at 5000m. Keeps the uncertainty of warfare, but also allows you to ID people who are close, which is very necessary.

    Here's the link:;f=70;t=75365

    Works great!

    I have it in Opertion Gloria and Obregan Gap. Definately going to put it in all my missions.

    Few limitations .. can't use it when inside a building or too close to a vehicle, but it is great otherwise. This will definately make for a better experience when name tags are off.
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    Re: Alternative to Default Name Tags

    Looks good though I'm thinking 100m for people would be a better distance :)


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      Re: Alternative to Default Name Tags

      Nice. Good replacement for the vanilla name tags.

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