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Symphony Of War - A new soundmod

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  • Symphony Of War - A new soundmod

    This was just posted on Armaholic front page, and sounds pretty good, especially considering how crappy youtube videos sound. Going to give it a try in a little bit.

    A Professional Sound Modification For the game Armed Assault.

    We have been working on this sound mod for awhile now and have gotten to a point where we are happy to release it.
    I have many years experiance in the field of sound recording etc and was very unimpressed with the "dirtyness" of the Default Arma sounds. So like in OFP, we have made our own soundpack to use.
    There has been alot of effort gone into making the distant sounds to give more ambience to the Battlefield.
    Even more effort went into making the guns sound lifesize and strong.
    Alot of time has been spent on making the game sound cleaner and nicer to the ears.It also has been designed with large battles in mind, so you will find the game will sound cleaner when large amounts of vehicles etc are being used in a mission.

    The mod replaces the sounds of the Vehicles,Weapons and explosions.

    As usual, we still would like to do more, but i am busy at the moment working with some Mod teams on various things.
    So there may be an update to it at a later date.

    Recommend running this through a HI-FI system if ya got one laying around doing nothing.


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    Re: Symphony Of War - A new soundmod

    Clever name, and looks ok, might give it a go this week! Good find!


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      Re: Symphony Of War - A new soundmod

      damn another mod to test for my review.

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        Re: Symphony Of War - A new soundmod

        Hmmmmm not impressed. Yes the machine gun fire is very good, but the M4 sounds very "tinny" I would be forever thinking I was about to lose a Mag clip as it sounds like it is loose everytime he fires! :D

        Also I thought the stryker sounded wierd.

        Gonna stick with FDF for now! It is the one that for me makes a good general change to all sounds, whereas I find some of the other mods have a mix of some really exxcellent sounds mixed with some poor ones.



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          Re: Symphony Of War - A new soundmod

          Another new sound mod came out the other day and I am very impressed it sounds really good and the vehicles are excellent check the link and heres a video
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            Re: Symphony Of War - A new soundmod

            Great name, might give it a try just for the name sake.
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              Re: Symphony Of War - A new soundmod

              Ive tried it and theres alot of weak points to it but there are some good points to it. Overall I think HIFI is the best sounding mod.


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                Re: Symphony Of War - A new soundmod

                [Pun]Sounds like it needs some time to mature [/Pun]


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                  Re: Symphony Of War - A new soundmod

                  ji harpo
                  WE HAVE YOU COVERED



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                    Re: Symphony Of War - A new soundmod

                    The Vop Soundmod sounds great, going to download.




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