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  • Explosives

    I'm trying to figure out what makes a good explosive for IEDs and a good way to set them off. The editing guide I'm using has some but not all of them listed. I'm setting them off by using a trigger so it appears to be exploding under the object.

    The reason I want to know is I don't really want the IED to blow up what it hits as I want the players to be able to play instead of dying with out being able to do anything since it is for multiplayer.
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    Re: Explosives

    IEDs generally arent created to keep the targets alive but I see what you mean for gameplay, you might be able to use a grenade as the IED, have it blow up a little bit aways from the person so theyre just badly injured instead of killed on explosion. Mess around and try putting 1-5 in same patch to dish out amount of damage done. Don't know if this would be able to work but worth a try.
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      Re: Explosives

      Yep simply change the scale or size of the IED to give the desired explosion.

      As many have found out, a lot of the IED's I use in my missions are ...well.....quite big! Enought to launch the IED vehicle or object hundreds of feet away!

      Granted most die when near, but the randomness of he area can sometimes create a huge bomb that you just avoid. But as Fenian say's, IED's really are meant to do one thing and one thing only...KILL and destroy assets!


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