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  • Comms and Fluid ROE

    Okay...since I just caused a Friendly Fire incident on the server, I'd like to help tweak a few things, just throw out my ideas to help keep FFIs from occuring so frequently. Especially the way my particular case occured.

    One: Communications; Communications are Paramount to total unit coordination and Situational Awareness of ALL individual soldiers on the ground stomping boots, in an aircraft behind a stick, or in a turret manning a gun. Giving out small but detailed Comms about Location, Destination, (Unit) Strength, and Speed to Destination helps not only the Squad/Unit Commanders but also all the other men in the respective Unit.

    Two: Fluid ROE; Sounds strange at first and the explaination will sound complicated to some, but it is VERY simple and Common Sense when you see it in practice. Fluid ROE is, simply put, the Rules of Engagement tweaked to a more urban environment where Situational Awareness is not only crucial, but a needed and very welcomed habit. The condition can and does change from Red to Green in a matter of nanoseconds for personal and unit defence, but the change back to Red or Yellow Conditions should automaticly take effect after the threat is terminated or indefinately suppressed.

    In order for the later to work, the former MUST be established and kept at a high standard.

    Communicate more, keep needless chatter to direct comms and texts, and be fully aware of pacified threats inorder to control the ROE and keep from having a Green Status after almost all initial engagements. Doing such will insure survival of your battle buddy and yourself in the field.

    ~Markius Fox

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    Re: Comms and Fluid ROE

    Communication is important. Had you asked our Section leader where our section presently was, the FF probably would've not happened. I didn't hear a word until the, "oh, were those friendlies?" came across group VON.

    Furthermore, as a gunner in the Stryker, you had optics that can be zoomed in. It would have been easy for you to zoom in on the infantry you thought was enemy, and seen we were in fact friendlies. It's better to have a positive I.D. on what you're shooting than just firing blindly.

    Just some things to keep in mind.
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      Re: Comms and Fluid ROE

      A good rule of thumb to prevent FF in any urban situation is simply "Think before you pull the trigger, identify your targets before firing". If the enemy is not aiming an RPG at you, you almost certainly have a moment to pause and zoom in or ask on comms for a sitrep from nearby units. Using "If it moves, shoot it!" rules when there are friendly units nearby almost always results in FF.

      Rushing leads to FF - a few seconds of contemplation before blasting off some rounds can easily prevent a disaster from occurring. Hopefully this can be averted in the future via observing a basic "Think, identify, shoot" rule.


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        Re: Comms and Fluid ROE

        All useful advice. We have a lot of new players on the server, some new to ArmA, some new to our style of play and many learning.

        Incidents will happen and Fox, I have enjoyed playing many good games with you so keep up the good work, unfortunately as game numbers go up, so does the risk of FF incidents, as much as it is your responsibility to ask where units are, It is also the responsibility of units on the ground to let everyone know where they are.


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