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ACE Mod 1.01 Patch released

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  • ACE Mod 1.01 Patch released

    Quote Sickboy from the official Forums:

    Originally posted by Sickboy
    About 3 weeks after the initial release, we are proud to present Patch 1 to you.
    Numerous bug fixes, feature adjustments and additions have made it into this Patch, see the Changelog link below.


    Next Patch Milestone is set

    Update - 333MB (already have 1.0 installed)
    You can update your Mod by running the included Updater (Windows Start Menu, or @ACE\Tools folder), or by downloading from below mirrors
    (In case you update with the updater, if you get a message about sixarma-updater.exe being in use, please close the black dos window, and click Retry)

    Full Setup - 648MB (for new/re installers)
    * @ACE, Revision: 1baa74a4488c07764241dbd19f0f52c9ec77f7c4 - 59ff2436dead8531a28c95aa8a2ef22d754acdb0
    o ADDED:
    + 2x M1014 shotguns [Scubaman3d]
    + Ace Class list document for editing purposes [Rocko]
    + Ace_sys_weaponrest: allows you to rest your weapon against suitable objects (cars, walls) when crouching or standing, resulting in lower recoil and weapon sway. [Q1184]
    + Ace_sys_weapons - System for Generic Weapon Scripts [Sickboy]
    + Ags magazine model [Rocko]
    + Ammoboxes per side [Rocko]
    + Army Rucksack [Rocko]
    + Benelli M4/M1014 to configs and ammobox [Q1184]
    + Buckshot cartdridges [Rocko]
    + Buckshot round for case ejecting simulation on shotguns [Rocko]
    + Canopyglass to Su-27 models [Aushilfe]
    + Ch-47 models, Textures [Aushilfe]
    + Ch29 model [Aushilfe]
    + Czech translations [Ryankaplan]
    + Descriptions for shotgun mags [Q1184]
    + Designated Marksman units to US Army [Ryankaplan]
    + Fixed Javelin model [Rocko]
    + Flare Gun model and textures [Scubaman3d]
    + Flaregun to configs/weapon box [Q1184]
    + Frag-12 Ammo icon [Scubaman3d]
    + G36c models [Rocko]
    + G36k A1 [Rocko]
    + In "Steady aim while walking" - added the last 2 missing animations and tweaked/remade some of the existing ones. Your fix for the RPT errors was good rocko. [Teacup]
    + Inventory picture for G36C [Rocko]
    + Ka-50N model, Textures [Aushilfe]
    + M1014 icons. [Scubaman3d]
    + M1014 sound by tpM [Q1184]
    + M4-M203 with Aimpoint (Crudely made but works...until a better set of M4 Sopmods are added) [Ryankaplan]
    + Magazine models for crewserved weapons [Rocko]
    + Optional minimalistic soldier UI with transparent weapon indicator background, changed colors and no reload icon popping up when the mag is empty [Q1184]
    + Players can now view the map of AI units that have one if the "Require Map Object" feature is enabled. (By Killswitch) [Sickboy]
    + R73 model [Aushilfe]
    + Random markings script for T-72BM/T-90 [Q1184]
    + Realistic machinegun loadout for M1, M60, M2, T90. [King_homer]
    + Reload animation for flaregun [Rocko]
    + Shotgun ammo icons. [Scubaman3d]
    + Soundfiles for CH-47 Chinook [Aushilfe]
    + Spanish entries to Stringtables. [Ryankaplan]
    + Spas 12 shotgun [Rocko]
    + Spas12 to ammobox [Q1184]
    + Special unconscious animations based on death animations by BIS, which you can exit with another 'playMove' command [Rocko]
    + Specialboxes per side [Rocko]
    + Spon Core (0.5.3) & SPON RangeFinder (0.3.0) [Sickboy]
    + Spotting magazines for SMAW to SMAW gunners/assistant gunners [Q1184]
    + Spotting rifle for SMAW [Q1184]
    + Su27 to Eject Option, Mandosystem [Aushilfe]
    + Su27-S13 model and Textures [Aushilfe]
    + Su27-S8 model and Textures [Aushilfe]
    + Su34 model and Textures [Aushilfe]
    + Su34b model and Textures [Aushilfe]
    + Sys_shotgun - handles buckshot [Q1184]
    + T-72BM and T-90/T-90S models by Marijus. [Q1184]
    + Weapon deploying sounds by tpM [Q1184]
    + Weaponboxes per side [Rocko]

    o UPDATED:
    + Loadout of infantry to fit the new magazine sizes of the AT missiles. [King_homer]
    + M82 magazine name, added new CSV entry. [King_homer]
    + Several loadout errors of infantry. [King_homer]
    + Shotgun ammo icons [Scubaman3d]
    + Sixarma-updater to v0.3.0, Fixed Single Line Stats output, added ext option for config [Sickboy]
    + Split the CfgVehicle_Tanks.hpp in 4 different hpp's for a better overview. [King_homer]
    + Stringtable names for Flanker series and cleared up CfgVehicles_Planes config. [King_homer]

    o REMOVED:
    + Ace_sys_rangefinder (Replaced with Official SPON RangeFinder) [Sickboy]
    + Ace_sys_weapons [Sickboy]
    + Map_ch47 models [Aushilfe]
    + Model string for T-72BM [King_homer]
    + Unneeded Ch-47 Medic model [Aushilfe]

    o CHANGED:
    + "Suppressed" in weapon name is now "SD" [Rocko]
    + 'unjam' action is not being added if using 'minimalistic' UI [Q1184]
    + 762 rifles now based on SCAR_H [Sickboy]
    + Ace AI classes updated [Sonsalt]
    + Ace_fdebug now limited to 180 chars instead of 120 [Sickboy]
    + Ace_holditems weapon is now added to every player unit, regardless if they didn't have the weapon setup in config [Sickboy]
    + Ace_sys_wound uses new ace unconscious animation system, allowing playMove to be used and amount of vehicleInits/network_fSends reduced. Missing mapping between die and ACE_UNC config properties [Sickboy]
    + Addded Ammo: [Aushilfe]
    + Addded Magazines: [Aushilfe]
    + Addded Vehicles: [Aushilfe]
    + Addded Weapons: [Aushilfe]
    + Added ACE_HoldItems weapons, with 2 muzzles (ace_sys_wound and ace_sys_explosives) [Sickboy]
    + Added HK416 Gear Pictures by Pufu [Rocko]
    + Added IR Strobes and HuntIR monitor to Holditems, so they dont get lost when equipping yourself [Rocko]
    + Added check if player is prone or kneeling to prevent jumping by mistake from covered positions [Rocko]
    + Added middleeast faces from 11 to 55 [Rocko]
    + Added more useful descriptions to the library text than the lame history mumbo-jumbo [Rocko]
    + Added var:"ofpec_lightbulbs_override" - to disable ofpec_lightbulbs [Rocko]
    + Ai base settings updated [Sonsalt]
    + Ammunition order for SMAW. When picking it up from Ammobox you now get HEAA rockets instead of HEDP. [King_homer]
    + Armor values of Abrams engine to make it more vulnerable against attacks from behind. [King_homer]
    + Azimuth is also shown in degrees in T&E mode on mounted weapons [Q1184]
    + Based 7.62 West Rifles on M24 [Sickboy]
    + Camouflage update AI [Sonsalt]
    + Ch-47 Medic Emblems [Aushilfe]
    + Changed: [Aushilfe]
    + Changed; another attempt to synchronize tracers when using sight adjustment on vehicles [Q1184]
    + Commander of Stryker RV now fires the LVOSS [Rocko]
    + Debug output is now routed through localize into the arma.rpt instead of through createVehicleLocal (Found in RKSL Core System) [Sickboy]
    + Disabled black screen after respawn [Rocko]
    + Disabled mando smoketrails from all missiles, they use the default arma smoketrails again [Rocko]
    + Enabled: AI help AI when unconscious [Rocko]
    + Engineglowing on SU-27/ Su-34 [Aushilfe]
    + Experimental JIP initFinished logic [Sickboy]
    + Extended_eventhandlers are now somewhat optimized [Sickboy]
    + Firing and reload animation for M32 [Rocko]
    + Fixed(?) the problem where loading of magazines into an empty crewed weapon in MP failed. (Symptom was: no magazine was actually added) (By Killswitch) [Sickboy]
    + G36 HKV changes by Aushilfe [Rocko]
    + G36 textures made darker by Aushilfe [Rocko]
    + Gear Dialog has smaller fonts and item frames changed for sort of better readability [Rocko]
    + Jumping with launcher type weapons is no longer possible - you have to switch to a more suitable weapon [Rocko]
    + Linked to the available weapon icons in sf_scar.pbo for the CAR rifles [Rocko]
    + Local; ace_keys for sys_weaponrest [Q1184]
    + Location of M1014 models in SVN [Scubaman3d]
    + Lower rain sound [Tpm]
    + M110 based on ACE_M24 [Sickboy]
    + M21 DMR model changed to M21 woodland model due to being ugly. [Q1184]
    + Made AT ammunition ruckable, disposable weapons still to go. [King_homer]
    + Made Opc and Opd more arma vanilla like [Sickboy]
    + Made gear dialog wider to accommodate ruck section and long weapon names [Q1184]
    + Made the partial capacity magazines (25%, 50%, 75%) for the crewed weapons visible in the inventory. (By Killswitch) [Sickboy]
    + Muzzleflash on SU-27 [Aushilfe]
    + No more special HoldItems weapon required; Using muzzles with the same dummy configuration, on Put/Throw Weapon. [Sickboy]
    + Now the only active Mando Missiles are now Javelin & Stinger Missiles. (ace_sys_missiles) [Vipermaul]
    + Obstacle detection in weapon resting sys should be more precise (still might not work with thin obstacles) [Q1184]
    + Optimized ace_fx_plane initialization [Sickboy]
    + Optimized jamming script [Q1184]
    + Optimized sys_grenades, hopefully they will now work on 3rd party ammo types [Q1184]
    + Players can now use AI to manage crew-served weapons. By Killswitch [Sickboy]
    + Postinit delay for JIP upped to 30s again instead of 20 [Sickboy]
    + Pre -> Post Init for ace_sys_air [Sickboy]
    + Pre -> Post Init for ace_sys_canister [Sickboy]
    + Pre -> Post Init for ace_sys_crewserved [Sickboy]
    + Pre -> Post Init for ace_sys_destruction [Sickboy]
    + Pre -> Post Init for ace_sys_engine [Sickboy]
    + Pre -> Post Init for ace_sys_flashbang [Sickboy]
    + Pre -> Post Init for ace_sys_huntir [Sickboy]
    + Pre -> Post Init for ace_sys_missileguidance [Sickboy]
    + Pre -> Post Init for ace_sys_missiles [Sickboy]
    + Pre -> Post Init for ace_sys_muzzleblast [Sickboy]
    + Pre -> Post Init for ace_sys_respawn [Sickboy]
    + Pre -> Post Init for ace_sys_rocket_ballistics [Sickboy]
    + Pre -> Post Init for ace_sys_tailrotor [Sickboy]
    + Pre -> Post Init for ace_sys_vehicles [Sickboy]
    + Pre -> Post Init for ace_sys_viewblock_smoke [Sickboy]
    + Pre -> Post Init for ace_sys_wound [Sickboy]
    + Re-equiped US ARmy units with M4s instead of M16a2s [Ryankaplan]
    + Reduced minimum engagement range for AT4/rpg7 from 100 to 15 m [Q1184]
    + Reduced vog-25p indirecthit range [Q1184]
    + Reduced warhead strength of AA Missiles. They now linked with ACE_Missile_Javelin. (ace_sys_missiles) [Vipermaul]
    + Reduced warhead strength of AA Missiles. They now linked with ACE_Missile_Strela & ACE_Missile_Stinger. (ace_sys_missiles) [Vipermaul]
    + Reduced weapon name length [Rocko]
    + Removed ACE_HoldMedicalItems and ACE_HoldExplosiveItems [Sickboy]
    + Removed T80 groups from editor and added T72BM and T90A group. [King_homer]
    + Removed ace_sys_cargo (Can use RKSL Cargo System etc) and ace_sys_respawn (belongs with missions) [Sickboy]
    + Removed grip animation on SPAS 12 [Rocko]
    + Removed the camera debug test messages [Sickboy]
    + Removed useless mags from the MedicalItemsHolder weapon [Sickboy]
    + Renamed M82A1 to M107. [King_homer]
    + Renamed all 'Antitank Specialists to 'Rifleman (M136)' [Ryankaplan]
    + Replaced unnecessary threads with calls in sys_explosives [Sickboy]
    + Shorter (~14secs) Abrams engine start sound. [Tpm]
    + Startengine disabled for M1 tanks [Rocko]
    + Temporary disabled 'FixHeadBug' on player respawn during MP Crash Test [Sickboy]
    + Tweaked 'head_hit' armor value [Rocko]
    + Tweaked (lowered) environment sounds [Tpm]
    + Tweaked G36 Texture color [Aushilfe]
    + Tweaked visibility/hearability of AT ammo. [Q1184]
    + Unconscious AI is setCaptive again to prevent friendly AI wasting ammo without hitting their target [Rocko]
    + Updated to KRON_Strings 2.2.1 [Rocko]
    + Us Airborne Loadouts [Ryankaplan]
    + User can now disable range adjustment on Western scopes in ACE_keys.hpp. [Q1184]
    + Ussf now divided into 3 groups rather than 12 in the editor. [Ryankaplan]
    + Vehicle sight adjustment should now be synced between clients, so everybody will see tracers going the same way if sight adj is used on MG [Q1184]
    + Video options background has ingame view again [Rocko]
    + Vog-25P are fully functional now, bouncing up before exploding. [Q1184]
    + Volume of big missiles to fit the standard MOLLE backpack [King_homer]
    + Weapon sway updated [Sonsalt]
    + Weight of M249 family [King_homer]
    + Wound system unconscious animations are now read from the Death Animations. [Sickboy]
    + Xeh Player Init now also verify that the player is local [Sickboy]
    + Xeh now checks for the camera position and player position, temporary debug output in rpt [Sickboy]
    + You can't rest the weapon on people now :) [Q1184]
    + You don't get hurt on every little bump when driving anymore [Q1184]

    o FIXED:
    + "No Shape" error when detonating Claymores or POMZ [Rocko]
    + "No default vars in variantsPlayer/" error in rpt [Rocko]
    + "Turret xxx not found" error for CH47 Cargo [Rocko]
    + "Turret xxx not found" error for tripod models [Rocko]
    + (Probably) SF HMMWV gunners not able to engage targets [Rocko]
    + Ace Settings Config Required Addons [Sickboy]
    + Ace_config_core_ai_radar - config error prevented the mando javelin and other like weapons ability to target some non-ACE tanks. [Vipermaul]
    + Ace_version is Text not Number [Sickboy]
    + Added correct Claymore to units [Rocko]
    + Ah-64 M230 gun ricochet [Rocko]
    + Airborne "ACE_LaserBatteries_PDM" error [Sickboy]
    + Airborne dude had a wrong laser batteries mag [Q1184]
    + Aircrafts unable to reload flares [Rocko]
    + Aircrafts unable to reload missiles [Vipermaul]
    + Bradley MG did not support the 1100 rnds mag type [Q1184]
    + Broken debug function [Sickboy]
    + Buckshot was hitting the muzzle when shooting on the move. [Q1184]
    + Bug when packing a M109 magazine it became a M82 magazine and was unuseable. [King_homer]
    + Ch-47 Animationsouce Report in rpt [Aushilfe]
    + Ch-47 Medivac + Config [Aushilfe]
    + Ch-47 Sound [Aushilfe]
    + Debug 180-char limit bug fix [Sickboy]
    + Defining sounds[] array overrules other Mods & Missions [Sickboy]
    + Engineglowing on SU-27/ Su-34 interfering with enviroment [Aushilfe]
    + Error message in sys_wound regarding turrets line 35 [Aushilfe]
    + Faceorder Ch-47 models [Aushilfe]
    + Format left over in ExtendedEventhandlers [Sickboy]
    + Going from conscious to unsconsious now should not have a delay. [Sickboy]
    + Handgrenades and breaching charges etc are now properly distinct during switching weapons/firemodes (f) [Sickboy]
    + Incorrect hand position for flare gun [Scubaman3d]
    + Javelin impact strength [Rocko]
    + Jumping trigger on SR25K [Rocko]
    + Jumping while swimming [Rocko]
    + Ka-50N Pilotproxy removed from damagehide in Pilotview [Aushilfe]
    + M110 had M24 reload sound [Q1184]
    + Malformed Stringtables [Sickboy]
    + Manshredding when tailrotor has been set out of function due to damage [Rocko]
    + Misaligned CQB sight on G36K [Rocko]
    + Missing / wrong weights for magazines [Rocko]
    + Missing ; added. [King_homer]
    + Missing PreInit in ExtendedEventhandlers [Sickboy]
    + Missing addon requirement in sys_dogtag [Sickboy]
    + Missing dragger unconscious animation [Sickboy]
    + Missing many Mando Flares from AH1W class helos (ace_sys_missiles) [Vipermaul]
    + Missing pos driver dir memory point on M2 tripod [Rocko]
    + Missing requiredAddons "ace_sys_ruck" [Sickboy]
    + Naming of Pre and Post init of ace_sys_suppression [Sickboy]
    + No geometry error on some tripod models [Rocko]
    + Now, you need to be alive to use the 'Activate HuntIR Monitor' action. By Killswitch [Sickboy]
    + Ofpec_ils.pbo - Activating ILS gave error generic expression line 12 and ceased to function. [Vipermaul]
    + Players were able to "queue up" several rotation adjustments of a crewed weapon by clicking rapidly on buttons in the crewed weapon interaction dialog. By Killswitch [Sickboy]
    + Possible "Expected Object, Found String" error in ace_sys_overheating [Sickboy]
    + Possible fix for AT backblast particle effect only working locally in MP [Maddmatt]
    + Removed antenna from ViewPilot LOD for radio backpacks [Rocko]
    + Required Configs now include CA_Hotfix [Sickboy]
    + Respawnweapons and Magazines are now setup properly (Thanks to kju) [Sickboy]
    + Set "enableAI" after AI respawned [Rocko]
    + Shadow LODs of shooting targets [Rocko]
    + Shadow from non-existent backpack on Woodland Medic [Rocko]
    + Shadow lod, for javelin tube [Rocko]
    + Shooting targets with circles off center from far away [Rocko]
    + Spg 9 gunner invulnerable [Rocko]
    + Stryker RV Gunner has no ironsight [Rocko]
    + Syntax Error which prevents some Aircraft's ability to reload flares [Vipermaul]
    + T90 model [Rocko]
    + Timetolive for Dragon II. [King_homer]
    + Tracer mags were being converted into normal ones when using SD weapons [Q1184]
    + Trigger going wild on UMP45s [Rocko]
    + Typo in extended_eventhandlers [Sickboy]
    + Weapon pulled after jump is weapon before jump, previous version always switched to rifle regardless if player had one or not [Rocko]
    + Wrong PDM [Sickboy]
    + Wrong keyUp function [Q1184]
    + Zybatek selection in Shadowlods of SU-27/ Su-34 [Aushilfe]
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    Re: ACE Mod 1.01 Patch released

    Thanks mate, it is up on server 1 now!


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      Re: ACE Mod 1.01 Patch released

      It seems that server#2 (ace beta) lets me join with ace 1.01, I get a error message but I don't know if it's problematic or not.

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        Re: ACE Mod 1.01 Patch released

        Originally posted by Jorge.PT View Post
        It seems that server#2 (ace beta) lets me join with ace 1.01, I get a error message but I don't know if it's problematic or not.
        It is and i won't advice you to join at a server with a older version....
        There is a function in the mod which should alarm you/others that there is a version miss-match.


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          Re: ACE Mod 1.01 Patch released

          Yeah, make sure you have the correct version or this is no love.... You will be able to join and stuff but it seems to hang you up after you go to the mission briefing.
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            Re: ACE Mod 1.01 Patch released

            Make sure to check out the weapon rest feature, that's something that has been needed in ArmA/OFP for awhile, and finally has been realized. :)


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              Re: ACE Mod 1.01 Patch released

              I've always enjoyed weapon rest in Red Orchestra. Always wondered why it wasn't in ArmA. Great addition!

              Does it automatically rest on objects or do you have to "deploy it"?


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                Re: ACE Mod 1.01 Patch released

                Originally posted by Makarov View Post
                I've always enjoyed weapon rest in Red Orchestra. Always wondered why it wasn't in ArmA. Great addition!

                Does it automatically rest on objects or do you have to "deploy it"?
                You use a key to deploy - IIRC the default is shift-space, but you can change that by editing the key config file in dta/ACE/


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                  Re: ACE Mod 1.01 Patch released

                  Mmm, I'm out of it today. Made a topic in another part of the forums ... whoops.

                  Lots of bug fixes on the list, looks good!


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                    Re: ACE Mod 1.01 Patch released

                    Wow, great stuff here!

                    I am just wondering, because I couldn't find anything in the changelog: Could anyone find something about the medical equipment problems (i.e. it's not used up after usage, strange errors when picking up other gear etc.)?


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                      Re: ACE Mod 1.01 Patch released

                      Wow, ACE just keeps giving and giving! The weapon rest feature alone is a huge boon for entrenched positions.


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                        Re: ACE Mod 1.01 Patch released

                        Originally posted by Dslyecxi View Post
                        Make sure to check out the weapon rest feature, that's something that has been needed in ArmA/OFP for awhile, and finally has been realized. :)
                        Is it working on every weapons?

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                          Re: ACE Mod 1.01 Patch released

                          Yes it does work for every weapon but not for everywhere


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                            Re: ACE Mod 1.01 Patch released

                            Did anyone else get an NSIS error when trying to install this? I downloaded from the A.C.E Server directly, and had no issues with connectivity while downloading.

                            I use firefox, and dont have nvidia or windows firewalls.

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                              Re: ACE Mod 1.01 Patch released

                              Originally posted by Sigma View Post
                              Wow, ACE just keeps giving and giving! The weapon rest feature alone is a huge boon for entrenched positions.
                              It has an impact faaaaaaaaaaaar beyond entrenched positions. ;)




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