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Merlin - Training System by Dr Eyeball updated

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  • Merlin - Training System by Dr Eyeball updated

    Originally posted by
    Dr Eyeball has informed us he has released a new version of the Merlin - Training System in the BI forums.

    In a nutshell, Merlin is a mission sandbox which allows up to 2 nominated coordinators to simultaneously dynamically create and position objects and units along with objectives for both sides (teams) in real time (or from saved data) for PvP, Coop or SP.

    The changes in this new version are:

    Major changes:

    - display event handler compatibility with ACE and similar addons, plus ensuring it still works without any addon dependency (eg: a display EH addon).
    - Support for several more terrain addons: Afghan village, FDF_Isle1, Tatawin & upcoming Unsung mod. PM me if I've missed some major interesting island.
    - Fixed hostage menu bug. (Was looking for 'captive' spelling.)
    Minor changes:
    - Markers for Spawned AI were not disappearing (reported by b1sh0p).
    - Create standalone weapons and ammo via menu (Crates/IED->Advanced Class Creation->Find Weapons)
    - Simple Export data types button on Create dialog. Still WIP. Just a tool to export type names. Intended for crates only.
    - Grid ref coords (pos2grid.sqf) offset corrections for the extra terrains/islands.
    - Added ACE & Unsung addon crates/medic boxes to "Crates" menu
    - Added ACE Bandages to crates & soldiers if needed & ACE detected, otherwise uses old 'Use/Take field dressing' actions.
    - Client/server (LocalityInit.sqf) modified to recognise non-dedicated client/server.
    - Fixed Heli HUD to still usually work with Mandoble scripts.
    - ICE Command Interface (WIP) now includes the basic workings of a squad to squad comm's log & dialog (orders, requests & acknowledgements, including rejection). Arma 2 will already have a new command system, but I'm not sure if they've handled this sort of thing yet.
    - Internal restructuring, plus some JIP changes.
    Updated and now compatible with ACE. A must have in the server if you ask me!

    You can now save and load the missions you make ingame!

    Link to Armaholic: here

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    Re: Merlin - Training System by Dr Eyeball updated

    It is a great mission, much like a sandbox. A quick and simple tool for training of any kind.

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