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  • Blank Maps?

    I was talking with a friend about maps and he made a suggestion that it would be great if they just gave us a map but left out the houses. With the Editor Update v1.02 it gives you access to all the buildings as well as plants and other things that you don't get it the normal editor.

    Going back some years to Delta Force by Nova Logic, there maps were just terrain and you added in the objects after. If you have access to all the objects (trees, buildings, brdges, trees, plants, etc, imagine having a blank Sahrani map where you get to decide where to place the objects.

    I wonder if map makers could give us the map in it's basic form before they added the rest that we have access to. The only thing I think they'd have to add are the roads as the AI won't "see" them if placed as an object.

    This way we could make our own towns, place forests where we want, etc. The only drawback perhaps would be the amount of objects that would need processing because they are added to the map rather than part of the map. At the very least, the buildings could be left out.

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    Re: Blank Maps?

    I don't know about this .. but, Blackdog made some missions with a large amount of buildings in close proximity, and it had some lag issues. The editor placed buildings also won't have workable ladders/doors. I think the lag might be the biggest one.

    However, if you are looking at making a small, dense town or something, try using the "ACE Desert Island". That's what OFP mission makers used and it worked well.




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