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  • Storm Chaser Appreciation Thread

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    I've seen Storm Chaser get more playtime on TG lately than any other single mission. Pretty odd, because it's a) TvT and b) very slow at times, which usually tends to cause a huge fuss whenever such missions are selected. There's usually not much complaining when it comes up, though, which hopefully means everyone's having enough fun.

    I don't know if Inq's still working on this, but it could be further polished to weed out some bugs and make it even more fun, hopefully making it run a little bit smoother.

    Currently, the main gameplay issues are related to BLUFOR/Independents communication (has to go over Global, or Direct if a member of BLUFOR hooks up with Tesla's group), and the BLUFOR insertion.

    For the first issue, I'm not sure if it's even a problem... was the BLUFOR/Indie comms problem by design? One way to "fix" it would be to add an extra "Liaison" slot to BLUFOR and have him spawn at the Lab with Tesla's group, using Direct to report back to the rest of BLU, stressing in the mission notes that the guy needs to know what he's doing.

    The second issue, well... HALO insertions seem to end badly no matter which mission they're in. After you're used to it you can land in the right spot pretty reliably, but there's usually a few people on your side that have never done it and end up on the other side of the country. There's not really much wrong with this, the more confusing part is where BLUFOR is expected to be. The "radios are tapped, try and get Tesla's location somehow" is for the most part ignored as people are already familiar with the mission, and they either head straight for Berezino or Novy. If nobody on BLUFOR knows where they're supposed to meet the Dr., it's usually to Tesla's advantage to keep quiet and do his objectives quickly, so BLUFOR (and OPFOR, if they're not too bright) are left wandering around the map for 40 minutes while the Independents make it to the border.

    The terrorists are fine for the most part... I don't know if a carbomb would make some of their job more fun, though it might make it too easy for them. Their changing respawn points are a nice, boredom-relieving touch.

    Known bugs:
    - The "Independents spotted" trigger area for Orlovets, a hamlet south of Berezino, triggers the message for Tulga. There might be other bugged triggers.
    - (?) Dying and respawning makes you no longer receive "Independents spotted" messages. This led to Scope having to relay the messages over Global himself, a less, ahh, scrupulous leader might not have bothered.

    Since it's been played quite a few times I figured a thread for it would be nice, as it's quite a unique mission, both in being different from your standard-issue infantry assault and also using the entire map in a way that doesn't make you wish you were watching paint dry instead. I'd like to know if anyone else has opinions or comments.

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    Re: Storm Chaser Appreciation Thread

    Such "role playing" types of missions aren't best suited to public gaming.
    Since, such mission parameters needs to be familiarized prior to the mission start.
    Most people join the game thinking its a standard straight forward TvT game. Which this mission is certainly not.

    As for the bug and suggestions, I'm sure Inq will be inclinded to edit them should he wishes to do so. You can contact him via the forum here.

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      Re: Storm Chaser Appreciation Thread

      There are several problems with the mission from a purely gameplay point-of-view, including certain towns feeding incorrect/delayed/nonexistent hints, and that the briefing as it stands is completely useless for both BLUFOR and OPFOR.

      Aside from that? It's one sexy game!


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        Re: Storm Chaser Appreciation Thread

        Knowing that the good doctor had to reach the American check point and that an American contingent was attempting to rendezvous, we didn't make for Nova until very late in the game, trying to find him from the air as he left the Lab, we sent an Ins team to intercept the American squad (poor VON comms were interesting, we ended up communicating with text messages) , and with time seeming to wind down as the Dr achieved his objectives we tightened the noose around Nova Stor (sp?). As my first command, I found this intriguing and stayed up beyond anything remotely reasonable for a "school night".

        Can we do it again tonight, bugs and all. LOL
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          Re: Storm Chaser Appreciation Thread

          Last night's game, I was on OPFOR, on the terrorist squad. There were four of us: Nob0dy, Codeblue and DimebagDarryl. Codeblue and me were tasked with setting up IEDs on the Orlovets road, while Nob0dy and his buddy took the road into Solnichniy. About ten minutes later we killed a pickup making its way across Orlovets and into Berezino. I assume it was an Independent scout. A few minutes later one of our Mi-8s did a pass, presumably to check out the smoke plume.

          This was more or less the point at which confusion settled in, as we started hearing very little from OPFOR and the Independent messages ceased. We eventually went around Berezino in a couple 4x4s and made our way west, someone having spotted/heard a Humvee in the meantime, which made us suspect BLUFOR was around. And indeed it was, because turning a bend into Gorka (if I'm not mistaken) our driver plows into the back of a Humvee. Everyone hops out and triggers the suicide vests, and we get a Humvee kill.

          Later we decided to just head for Novy Sobor as apparently nobody had seen them around there yet, indicating they hadn't finished the objective. There were some reports of a Dr. Tesla near the border road, but he turned out to be a civilian. Our terrorist team all had the roads into Novy Sobor bombed, but we never saw anything besides an Independent in a UAZ making his way out of Novy by the north road and then returning. After a few minutes of wondering (and waiting by the eastern road, which was my post) what was going on we started getting movement reports from Scope, indicating they were moving south towards Novy. Unfortunately at this point I just had to leave, already having pushed it to 4:30 in the morning, and pushed my car into the woods, leaving satchels inside for Codeblue to relieve me of the eastern road.

          From what I've read so far it seems someone eventually killed Tesla, I asked Nob0dy to tell me what happened later so hoping to find him on the server or on here. Great fun all around.


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            Re: Storm Chaser Appreciation Thread

            lmao. nice pictures. I guess I like your mission.
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