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  • WAC Defensive mission

    Played through this last night with a brave group of players. There were "some" ... issues ;)

    As of making this post I have resolved all the issues except for a few that were experienced on that run through. The medical system is still MIA as the BIS modules simply don't work properly with respawn, will have to make my own scripted solution I guess ...

    Also, the issue of dying while attempting to deploy a trench/wire and it's "ghost" staying with you after death hasn't been confirmed as squashed, but code is put in to prevent this, simply need to test it.

    With that out of the way, I would like to write a little bit about this mission, its intention, and what I am hoping to improve. After having read that, I would like any constructive feedback, especially from those who played it.

    This mission (a framework really, can be easily moved around the map with minimal changes to the basic functionality) is intended to be played as a mission that is used to build a server population. You can start this mission with as little as 2 people (I played it for an hour by myself, busily working away on defenses till *ahem* something happened), and it can be played properly. The ideal numbers for the end part of the mission (the attack) is between 20-30, less than that and you will have a hard time succeeding.

    Basic premise is you are an infantry platoon part of an infantry battalion that are tasked with digging in for an incoming REDFOR assault. You have left and right of arcs, straying out of them leads to getting blow'd up, so as to prevent "innovative" ways of defending/avoiding attack. You simply have to maintain a ratio of 3 BLUFOR soldiers to every REDFOR soldier within the blue circle for 3 hours. The enemy attack comes around the 2 hour point.

    You start off with ammo and supplies as well as some trucks at the platoon's position. You can dig trenches, set up wire, and set trip flares. However, you only have limited supplies for this, but more can be acquired from various points on the map.

    Basic mission flow is you set up trenches, wire, and tripflares until sundown, after sundown (by now, you will have probably been shelled by mortars and may have taken casualties) you begin to conduct clearance patrols, and combat patrols to keep the enemy away from your line, and to destroy enemy mortar teams and recce patrols. You are also tasked with mining a road in no man's land as an enemy IFV platoon is suspected to use this road for their attack. Don't get around to it, the defense is that much harder. After the various patrols and shenanigans with artillery for an hour, bad things start to happen. The enemy will begin moving somewhere around the 2 hour mark, sending an infantry company and an IFV platoon to kill you. Some pretty combined arms work with the AI infantry, armour, and artillery ensues, and if you have unholy luck, you may survive and keep your objective.

    Going to put this out there now; this mission is designed to be very difficult to win. Makes it that much more satisfying when you do.

    Current Issues

    - medical system is MIA, BIS module won't work, have to make a scripted solution
    - enemy mortar teams can be a little ruthless, if you aren't near a trench when they start shelling you, bad times
    - level of light, not sure which way I want to go on this, but after the inky dark of the previous run through, I am leaning towards a full moon

    So that's the news on this new mission, if you have any suggestions or constructive criticism, let me hear it.



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