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  • Pistolfied's Mission Feedback

    If you have any feedback on one of my missions please post it here. I'll be sure to read it all and possibly change my missions to address the issues.
    To find out if it's one of mine just check the credits in the diary.

    Damnit Blizzard, fix ZvT already >.<
    In Soviet Russian, Arma admins are nice to you!

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    Re: Pistolfied's Mission Feedback

    Wasn't able to find an Arma 2 thread for your missions, but then again it's still rather early.

    Misty Dawn:

    -PKM Technical is rather useless due to the fact that it doesn't have proper sights. Maybe replace it with a DSHKM and change to a different CSM
    -ACE Medical doesn't seem to be working despite there being a crate, BIS medical is on.
    -The AI seem to be extremely crack shots, hitting you straight in the head when you pop your head out from behind cover, though that may just be the vodnik

    Otherwise good fun coop, deffo needs to be more smaller scale missions like it on the servers :D


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      Re: Pistolfied's Mission Feedback

      I've had the chance to play Bowling in Bolabongo twice now, albeit both times with a playercount way under max, and it was pretty fun. A bit slow, though that's to be expected when playing a 60 slot mission with 18 guys. I'd like to see it played during primetime.

      I actually wanted to ask you about the ticket script in it - did you code it, or is it from someone else? I'm making a TvT on Duala and I can't seem to find any drop-in TvT ticket scripts at Armaholic nor OFPEC. I was hoping I could use it, obviously with attribution.




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