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Mando Missile issue with Cobra Sidewinders

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  • Mando Missile issue with Cobra Sidewinders

    There's going to be a couple of Cobras in the mission I'm working on and I was testing to make sure people will actually be able to use them to their full capacity, as they play a big role... I came across a problem. I tried everything I could think of and I am unable to use the Sidewinders, which are mounted to the "wingtips" of most (all?) Cobras by default. They're not exactly critical in this mission but it sucks having them there if the pilots can't use them. I searched and I found a single mention of a similar issue in some BI forums thread, but it didn't really offer a solution and I think it was for the A1 version of MM. Any ideas on how to fix it?

    To clarify, the problem is that there's no way of firing those missiles. If you use left Ctrl (by default) to switch between MM modes, it'll work but a Sidewinder mode never comes up, only Nav, AGM and Hellfire (even if those aren't loaded). The MM gun camera similarly only lets you fire AGMs. You can fire the Sidewinders by quickly hitting F and spamming left mouse button (which ends up with a few cannon rounds being fired, too, but then MM instantly switches back to the default weapon. Am I missing something here or is it broken?

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    Re: Mando Missile issue with Cobra Sidewinders

    Sidewinders are pilot controlled, should be accessed by pressing left control, and fired using left windows once a lock is achieved. Unless you really need them you could always use the AH1Ws which dont have sidewinders.

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