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  • Zeus Weapons Sway

    The Zeus team has released another mod, and this time it is to fix the weapon sway to be more realistic.

    Originally posted by Protegimus
    This subject has come up quite a bit during recent discussion and I also think an element of weapon sway should be part of ArmA II.

    To this end, I've made a simple addon that simulates a level of weapon sway that can be overcome by skill of the shooter without becoming a distraction.
    As mentioned in the readme, it is balanced in favour of gameplay due to the way weapon sway is simulated.
    Originally posted by Protegimus
    This mod adds a more noticeable sway motion to weapons and in so doing demands both an element of skill from the shooter and raises the importance of using more stable shooting positions together with the breathing control offered in the game.

    The level of stability offered was judged from the authors ability to shoot
    figure 12 targets from 300m in the standing position using a rifle with iron
    sights, combined with the need to keep gameplay enjoyable.
    This is dependent on the following factors:
    - in reality, stability is not as good as portrayed in the game
    - weapon sway in ArmA II is simulated in what appears to be a relatively random manner, not the fairly predictable figure of eight pattern a shooter will
    - the pattern in ArmA II does not vary according to stance. Shooting from the prone position the pattern is almost a straight vertical line following the
    shooters breathing pattern, in the game there is still too much lateral

    Increased levels of weapon sway do offer a more pleasing visual representation of weapon stability, but 'playing chase the target' becomes more of a distraction than a challenge, so this was tempered to keep things in balance.

    Hopefully BIS will improve this aspect of the simulation in a future ArmA II update, improving the accuracy of the animations and the simulation of breath control.

    If there's enough demand, maybe BIS will bring VBS2 style weapon sway to ArmA!

    Link to release thread:
    Yoma auto-config URL:
    Filefront mirror:



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