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  • FPS Helper Question

    Is it compatible with the map Celle? Because last night any time I loaded the map to try to join a game my Arma 2 crashed. Then I removed it from my modlist and it loaded fine. It works on other maps and I get to run everything on very high with it so I really wanna use it.

    Anyone know?

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    Re: FPS Helper Question

    Hello Kief, as this is a clientside addon/modification. It is advisable to contact the original designer of the product for more concrete answers.
    However, having said that. Most clienside addons are compatible with our current server side settings.

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      Re: FPS Helper Question

      Celle is pretty optimized for FPS; even though its so huge, it actually runs better than Chernarus. Maybe they are doing some sort of FPS-Helper-esque stuff to do this; just an idea.

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