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Assistance testing an MP Mission?

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  • Assistance testing an MP Mission?

    I've "finished" an MP mission and tested it briefly on a dedicated MP server, but I need some people to beta test before publishing it. Its set in Zargabad, so a little worried about FPS etc. It uses the F2 mission framework, norrin's revive scripts, hostage capture scripts, IEDs etc. There's plenty of choice as to what the players can do including Delta snatch team, Ranger units, Convoy team, BAF SF team, UH-60 air support, UAV intel role etc. It supports JIP, but I haven't really tested this.

    Mission: Operation Gothic Serpent 2 (Co-op for 16-52 players)
    Version: 1-0-0
    Developer(s): Tupolov
    Description: The situation in Zargabad is getting worse with daily attacks by Al-Qaeda led insurgents. Our deep cover informant BLACK CAT has identified a mosque in Zargabad where high ranking Al-Qaeda leaders are meeting. This mission is time critical and all available forces have been put into play to ensure the capture of these high value targets.
    Required Addons: CO/OA and ACE2 (optional BAF)

    Is it possible to get this up on the TG mission development server so we can try this out?

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    Re: Assistance testing an MP Mission?

    New URL - CO52_Gothic_Serpent_v2.Zargabad.pbo

    Mission is now up on TG Servers.




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