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Kegsteys 1.03 spectator script?

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  • Kegsteys 1.03 spectator script?

    Hey guys,

    Anyone have a link to this? Afraid all I can find is his 1.01 and 1.02 scripts which don't work with a2 oa. I know it exists as I've seen it on a mission I played a couple of days ago on bravo. I just can't rememer which it was ( alternatively if you use it in a mish and don't mind me ripping it out please let me know!)

    Also on the side - anyone got Norrrins revive script to work correctly? Trying to run it with no respawn, chance to just die, but it seems to be conflicting with the basic arma 2 first aid simulation - despite not being activated. Which results in (ai) crawling around with the first aid Marker hovering
    On em, sadly there also seems to be no option to revive / heal them also.

    I had Ace medical system on though - would this be a problem? I've seen Norrin say that they should be compatible on the BIS forums, but felt it worth a mention

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    Re: Kegsteys 1.03 spectator script?

    Jacezz, did you know Kegtys' spectator script is also bundled with F2's builds for OA? Please see:




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