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Crew Checks?

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  • Jacezz
    started a topic Crew Checks?

    Crew Checks?

    Having a bit of trouble setting up a crew check Script, tried various solutions found online and what I could decipher from the Mr Murray's guide.. but no luck, not sure if it's because I'm testing on my own game though... But meh.

    Basically I have 3 pilot classes (These may not be correctly put out, but close)


    I also have them named

    USMC Pilots

    CASFlightCom (CAS Flight commander)
    TRAFlightCom (Transport Flight Com)

    US Pilot Lights

    CASPilot 1-3

    US Pilots

    TRAPilot 1-3



    Wondering if anyone could throw a simple script my way I can activate on say add eventhandler.. Engine or something that checks the driver position and ejects with a radio message if not x name or x class (with note that Flight commanders can pilot all craft, hence multiple names / classes need to be allowed in)

    This would be different for each asset. Preferably a working way I could do something with the names, since I'd like to to have only the MEDVAC guy fly the MEDVAC b'hawk and the SF guy fly the Littlebird.

    So the above information on a platter I get down onto my knees and beg for assistance! Please!


  • LowSpeedHighDrag
    Re: Crew Checks?

    _vehicleType = _this select 0; // "Helicopter" / "Tank"
    _crewType = _this select 1; // "US_Soldier_Pilot_EP1"

    //hint format["%1 - %2",_crewType, _vehicleType];
    if (typeof player != _crewType) then {
    private "_v";
    while {alive player} do {
    waituntil {vehicle player != player};
    _v = vehicle player;
    if (_v iskindof _vehicleType && !(_v iskindof "ParachuteBase")) then {
    if (driver _v == player) then {
    player action ["eject",_v];
    waituntil {vehicle player == player};
    hint "We shall leave the piloting to those with the appropriate training.";

    ["Helicopter", "US_Soldier_Pilot_EP1"] execVM "pilotCheck.sqf";
    ["Tank", "US_Soldier_Crew_EP1"] execVM "pilotCheck.sqf";

    Found on BIS forums

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  • Jacezz
    Re: Crew Checks?

    Quick update

    I got a crew check already present within Domi to work... But I have no idea how and it is indiscriminately kicking any class or name out of the choppers, doesn't affect winged aircraft yet though and works independantly from the x mins til qualified script... Tried looking for the d_only_pilots_can_fly [ ] line in the numerous scripts but failing, as I understand it that could be the last piece of the puzzle... Anyone come across it previously and possible know where the setup is to add fixed wings to it's capacity?

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