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Strange AI behaviour

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  • Strange AI behaviour

    The behaviour - Group leaders move 10-20m, stop for a few seconds then move another 10-20 then repeat.

    Any ideas why this is happening? Fairly ruined a run through of Terror Town part 2 - the tanks rolled up as they should have but infantry could just be sighted 2km away 10-15mins in doing the above mentioned.

    On original tests runs the tanks had a habit of doing this every now and then - wasn't a problem though as due to this they often tended to arrive just after the infantry - which worked pretty well.... But now it's the infantry doing it and the tanks performing normally. What is ze give?

    I've seen it happen once or twice on other missions where the goal is to defend and it seems to be that either the infantry or tanks will do it, not both and sometimes none altogether. Seems to also be pretty random, the only thought I have is that it happens due to the higher number of AI involved in these missions, where the AI must travel a fair distance to engage... However I don't think it's server lag as none was evident whilst playing and running tests with a similar number of players on a self run game was not an issue.

    So any ideas on the issue? Fairly frustrating.

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    Re: Strange AI behaviour

    What do you have the combat mode set too?


    KnyghtMare ~You could always tell the person holding the gun to your head you would like to play on a different server...


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      Re: Strange AI behaviour

      Did not change I don't think, so will likely be 'aware'. One or two of them may be set to careless as I wanted to simulate a mass rush of badly controlled infantry relying on pure number to overwhelm positions, but not all.

      They don't appear to be moving tactically, all of them appear to be relaxed and jogging at normal speed (When they are moving, that is)
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