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  • Adding scripts to the Script Bin

    Have you used a script which has made a difference on your missions? Have you found one that might be cool, but haven't had a chance to post it? Well here is your chance. Post a link to your scripts here and they will be added to the Script Bin!

    "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. " - Albert Einstein

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    Re: Calling all Mission Makers

    ACOG's Scripts

    Vietnam Kit Script (Originally by Liquid Snake)

    Vietnam Ammo Crate Script

    "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. " - Albert Einstein


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      Re: Calling all Mission Makers

      com on boys! post all your hard work so i get all the glory hahaha ;)

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        Re: Calling all Mission Makers

        Jacezz's Non Respawn JIP Script


        Designed for ACRE use - not 100% compatible with vanilla.

        What it does: On respawn players will be stuck at spectator script, wherever the respawn_west marker is. Will also remove all weapons and items from the spectator script disabled players, so they can't use the ACRE radios to harass living players.

        Instructions for use: Download the attached rar, and copy all contents other than the mission.sqm to your own mission folder, or copy the contents of the init.sqf and description.ext files to your own along with copying the other files required.

        WARNING! Always ensure the respawn_west marker is surrounded by hescos or concertina wire - when in butterly mode players control their disabled bodies unawaredly.

        Known issues,

        Dieing repeatedly can mess the script up, but you'd only be allowed to die once with this script. (unless you mash the respawn button or the respawn_west marker is sitting in front of a hostile tank....)

        Does not support ticket systems.

        Playing Vanilla, players are able to communicate on the global channel as if they were alive. They should not be able to talk on group or side / command channels as they do not have a radio on respawn.

        This is not a TVT compatible script, I can make one if there is a demand however.

        This is not singleplayer compatible (for obvious reasons)

        Download link -

        Please credit me and Kegstey if you plan on using this script in your mission. Notice a problem, let me know.




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