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  • Need an assistant

    Hey guys,

    I need a hand - unfortunately the way the 3d editor works with mods necessitates copying and pasting every ASL and facing for every unit / object placed... So I have a hundred or so objects that need copy pasted into the game itself... Hence I come here, as I need to crack on with other missions, trying to figure out why the village patrol fails to debrief and readying the event missions.

    I would greatly appreciate if someone would volunteer for the job and although I couldn't afford to pay you in monies I can repay you back in foot massage coupons and moustache styling tips. Your name would also be plasterred in the mission credits screen and such.

    You will require an editor addon that allows you to place OA buildings ( I will provide link) , however other than that you will have no problems providing you have minimal knowledge of how the editor works.

    Thanks you much!

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    Really sorry Jacezz. Bad timing; I'm away.

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      Re: Need an assistant

      No problems, I managed to get a couple of volunteers!




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