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  • Backpack/Loadout Respawn

    So I'll be brief, but if this has been asked in these clear terms elsewhere, I cannot readily find it.

    I spawn player into mission and player unit executes a variety of setpos/getpos commands (Carrier deck stuff) and then an init which calls a .sqs which contains the character's loadout. (Let's say the sniper inits "sniper.sqs" on game start."

    Once that sniper has been killed he respawns at a respawn_west.

    I am presently using the (AE) Respawn with Weapons/Mags module which causes the sniper to spawn back in with whatever crap he had when he died (including all those AK's and 343s he was collecting).

    Does anybody know of a parameter for the (AE) module or of a relatively simple and easily implemented script which causes respawning units in a jip coop mission to respawn with what they had when they -joined- the game rather than what they had when they died?

    I used to have a script like this but my old PC is on the fritz and until I crack my windows restore administrator password, I won't have access to any of my old mission content to see how I did\stole\copied\pasted\ things.

    And if you're one of those people who is going to tell me to 'search' somewhere for it... please save your breath. I just spent half a day trying every piece of code somebody claimed did something even close to that... but if you know of a link to a forum topic where the procedure is explained I'd be eternally grateful.


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    Re: Backpack/Loadout Respawn

    Your best bet is to download the F2 framework.

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      Re: Backpack/Loadout Respawn

      Add an mpeventhandler that on player respawn executes the script that gives their starting gear, can't remember off the top of my head for sure how that'd look, but think something like this
      ( in init.sqf )

      [] player addmpeventhander ["respawn", exec "gearscript.sqf"];

      My JIP no respawn script uses a similar method to get players to execute the spectator script. Depends a bit on how your gear script works, but as long as it's not too complicated I believe the above should do the trick




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