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What Makes a Mission Not Work

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  • What Makes a Mission Not Work

    I am just wondering what specific things would make a mission not work on the bravo server.

    I ask this as one of the missions I have made did not run, but I then remember that I used the housing position addon for designing the mission. As a result all I had to do was reload the mission with out that addon.

    Now my latest mission Blind Man's Bluff does not work. I have not used anything such as that housing position addon, that I can think of which could cause this problem. The only things that I have used out of the ordinary is I am using the Weather and Enviroment Effects modules already in the editor.

    So to sum this up i would just like to know what things would cause a mission to not work on the bravo server for future and present times.
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    Re: What Makes a Mission Not Work

    Hey, Mnam, this is on a unrelated info, but since you haven't gotten a response I thought I use this topic.

    Do you have a list of all your missions?
    I d like to do some events and need as many good missions as I can get my hands on
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      Re: What Makes a Mission Not Work


      When you say your mission doesn't work what is happening? Where is it breaking? Have you checked your rpt? You will find it in C:\Users\____\AppData\Local\ArmA 2 OA
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        Re: What Makes a Mission Not Work

        A simply answer to "What Makes a Mission Not Work"?
        Having addons that are not used in our servers.

        But what precisely are the problems that you are having?

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          Re: What Makes a Mission Not Work

          Thanks for the responses guys. Kinda figured out my problem twenty minutes after I posted this and forgot to askfor a delete as Python helped me figure it out. The problem was as Lowspeed mention was I had an addon that was not on the server......

          Currently it's
          co16 seal team villa gomez
          Co24 seal team (I forgot the rest of the name, but it is on lingor)
          Aas24 blind mans bluff
          Tvt24 zargabad infiltration
          Aas24,36,43 rasman (something) (but these probably don't work as it my have an addon that the server does not have. So I will most likely need to fix them.
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