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Script Idea but not sure how to implement(Casualty EVAC)

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  • Script Idea but not sure how to implement(Casualty EVAC)

    Ok so I have an idea for a script but I am not sure it would work so before I spend much time trying to figure it out thought I would ask for advice and any helpful info

    Basic Premise: In the event a player a player dies, his body must be retrieved and taken to a base hospital. When his body is taken to the base the body disappears and he is respawned.

    Basic Idea for Implementation:

    --------- add event handler to all players that when killed adds them to "deadarray"

    --------- All players will respawn in a locked hangar far from mission. any players not in "deadarray" will be moved to the base hospital

    --------- Players can interact with dead body when within so many meters of the hospital activating a script added to the corpse via event handler that will move the player associated with that corpse and ONLY the player associated with that corpse to the base hospital

    so question is mainly if you were scripting this how would you tackle it? and how would you associate a specific corps with a specific player? My best guess would be an array like ["Mycorpse", "playername"] but this seems a very ugly way to do it and Im sure there is a more elegant way

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    Re: Script Idea but not sure how to implement(Casualty EVAC)

    I just dwelwed into the whole world of editing, but I would look in the direction of the revive system. Maybe modify something there.
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      Re: Script Idea but not sure how to implement(Casualty EVAC)

      IIRC theres actually a way to get bots to use the ACE Medical System to heal/revive people if they are designated to. let me do some quick research...

      Maybe use something with this?:

      Should (non medic) AI units assist any unconscious friendly units (not just in their group)?
      Set to true to enable
      Default: False
      You'd need to put the line:
      ace_sys_wounds_auto_assist_any = true;
      into your init.sqf.

      [MORE EDIT]
      You can also set the wounds time with
      ace_wounds_prevtime = 600;
      Just change 600 to however many seconds you want the life timer to be.
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